Pure wow is my word for Jenn Pike. She is the real-deal and so incredibly down-to-earth, putting her heart and soul in everything she does. Jenn lives and breathes in deeply all of life, knowing the intrinsic value of walking her talk and taking care of herself so she can share her best with others.

It’s been incredibly exciting to be a part of the birthing of the Simplicity Series. It began with Jenn’s very first book in 2012, The Simplicity Project, which in conjunction with the 2015 New Edition has now sold well over 3,500 copies; followed by The Simplicity Kitchen in 2016, and now, The Simplicity Body Cookbook in 2019.

Jenn embodies what she teaches. The Simplicity Body is not just another recipe book. It encompasses Jenn’s lived experience and wisdom, her product and brand recommendations, as well as tried and true favourites from soul-soothing elixirs to bowls of yum as Jenn so adequately describes.

There is fun on every page and in every bite. Jenn cares, and she is committed to life-long journey of learning and sharing all that goodness with her devoted tribe.

Instead of our traditional author-entrepreneur interview to unveil Jenn’s third book, I thought you’d love a sneak-peek into The Simplicity Body Cookbook. I love how she shares her own learning and growth to help those who are on a similar mission as hers—living a healthier life. Below is an excerpt of her Introduction and her Recommended Products and Brands, including her take on the value of organic food over conventional.

Introduction to The Simplicity Body Cookbook

Food . . . it is the one thing we choose every day, multiple times a day, that impacts our health, energy, mood, state of mind, how we feel, how we look, and how we function as a whole. Day after day we struggle to make what we believe or have been told is the right decision. We read new health books; jump on new fads, the latest trends, and into new diets; we buy supplements, powders, and tinctures, and yet true health still eludes us. Why?

In my opinion, we make things way too complicated. We get wrapped up in counting and tracking, in numbers, in macro-nutrition versus micro-nutrition—a.k.a. focusing on the split between carbs, fat, and protein. We are constantly trying to move the needle and numbers up and down to achieve results instead of understanding the vitamins, minerals, and nutritional composition of our food.

I am not saying that I don’t think knowing what a healthy balance of your macros looks like isn’t a good approach, or that certain dietary approaches aren’t acceptable; what I’m saying is that, for long-term health, you may be focusing your energy in the wrong direction; health is about more than the pounds you’re trying to lose, the number you want to see when you step on the scale, or the size of your pants.

Under the Recommended Products and Brands Section


The big question everyone asks me, “Does it really matter if I purchase and consume organic?” The answer . . . 100% yes, it does!

Conventionally grown produce requires the use of many toxic chemicals designed to kill insects and other pests. The problem, among many, is that the same toxins used to make bugs’ stomach and intestines bleed out, and to ultimately kill them, has prolific effects on our bodies too. How can we possibly believe that spraying foods, growing them with chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics only affects the actual food and doesn’t hurt us when we are the ones consuming the food itself. There’s no question that residues of these chemicals remain on the fruit and vegetables we eat, and in the poultry, fish, or other meat we choose to consume, which then make their way inside our bodies to wreak havoc over time.

Is this something you notice right away? Most likely not, but regular consumption of these chemical-treated foods lowers your body’s ability to effectively manage them. Symptoms creep in, discomfort shows up, food sensitivities and allergies rise, major gut issues become a daily occurrence, your liver becomes overburdened, and bit by bit your body becomes toxic behind the scenes.

I’ve done the research and looked at the statistics for organic, non-GMO foods, which is why I choose those foods for my family and me. Any day of the week I would rather see my money go into my health then my cell phone bill, my cable package, or another material item I do not need. Your health is the single most important investment you will ever make. Now, I am not saying to go broke eating well, definitely not, and I can’t afford to throw caution to the wind either, BUT we can most certainly start somewhere and make small shifts over time for better health. One food item at a time, when you can access it, and afford it will have a big impact on how well your body will feel and function . . .

As you can well imagine, there is so much more to sink your teeth into, both figuratively and literally. You can peruse the table of contents and read the full introduction here in the I C Bookstore.

To say that we’re proud and filled with joy to partner with Jenn and play a small part in this work is an understatement. We’re in this journey together, yes?!

Wishing you great health always,

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