Raising Resilience – Take the stress out of feeding your family and love your life is chock full of helpful, cutting-edge insights and recommendations you can use immediately. When you want to delve a little deeper Jess Sherman provides that as well, to help us fully comprehend the critical impact and importance of our family’s nutrition and our approach to it.

As we comprehend the basics of any topic more questions often arise, taking us on a journey of wanting to learn more, especially when it comes to caring for our children. Author, Jess Sherman has gone above and beyond in Raising Resilience, generously sharing the benefits of her tireless study, committed research, and passion for living life with great health and vitality, and helping us do the same.

Check out my interview with her:

What inspired you to write this book?

This book just needed to come out. I had been focusing my attention on working one-on-one with
families and I was noticing patterns in what I was recommending to them. I felt compelled to reach more people with these insights. At the same time, I did not want to add to the clutter of information that Author pic of Jess Shermanexists today; I wanted to spread a message of simplicity. That’s what I hope I’ve done with Raising Resilience.

What do you want others to gain from your book?

I hope this book generates among parents a shared sigh of relief, yet also renewed conviction and self-assurance. Parents are maxed beyond belief; we are bombarded with so many conflicting messages from every direction and it’s easy to get thrown off balance and feel paralyzed. All that most of us really want for our families and ourselves is happiness and the best of health, right? This book offers a way forward. It boils down to some simple yet profound actionable steps parents can take that will bring them not only improved health, but also confidence in their ability to influence their kids. I really believe that parents have a strong role to play when it comes to the health of their kids; but to play that role and find their voice they need to understand the basics of what’s going on in their children as they grow, and the powerful ways food choices influence that.

What was your creative process for this project?

When I started pulling together all my client handouts and thinking through the patterns I was seeing in my client conversations, I ended up with about one hundred pages and a very complicated framework. I thought I was weeks away from being done the book. Hah! That was two years ago! Writing for me is like chiselling away at a block of marble and letting the sculpture unfold. Was it Michelangelo who said that? Well, as I wrote, I started to find simplicity. The process of writing helped me distil what I was saying to, and doing with, my clients over and over. It evolved into the two-step process and three core strategies in Raising Resilience.

Part of my challenge was, while I really want parents to understand what it takes to be healthy, our collective understanding of that is actually going through a radical transition right now. We’re in the midst of a health crisis and a paradigm shift, and new research is coming out daily. So, as I wrote, I kept trying to catch all these new ideas (with an emphasis on the new research to back it up) and integrate them into my framework where I felt it made sense to. Thank goodness for my patient editors! Finally I had to draw a line and get the darn thing done. I will be adding updates via my on-line membership site.

Why did you choose the story-telling format you used?

I know from being a teacher that different people have different learning styles. Some people need to see the big picture and then have this broken down into parts for them. Some people want the small steps and only then, as they move towards it, can they see the big picture. I wanted to invite both those styles into this project. So there are some pretty dense parts to the book, for those who want to really dig in. At the same time, there are some simplified summaries too, along with action lists and tips for those who want to keep things really practical. I also felt the need to include stories because I was seeing such great results using this approach with my clients. I’ve presented a kind of formula in Raising Resilience; I want people to see what that looks like in real life, and I believe the stories help with that.

What’s next for you as an author?

Raising Resilience is meant to be more than a book; I want it to be a movement. I can feel another book simmering inside me—likely one about self-care for mothers—though I want to walk Raising Resilience through the beginning stages of its life first. A book’s no good if it sits on the shelf. Part of my role as an author, I think, is to take it that step beyond and help people integrate what they’ve read into their lives. I’m going to do that online as the Raising Resilience platform and momentum continues to grow.

It is obvious that Jess Sherman uniquely understands how busy and sometimes challenging it can be raising a young family and has taken this into consideration in every single bit of knowledge, advice, and recipes she imparts.

Whether you need quick go-to notes and tips for feeding your family or a high level resource book, you will find it in Raising Resilience—and you will absolutely love having it all in one place. We greatly admire Jess’ exceptional conscientiousness, and know that the ripple effect of this work will be solid and long-lasting.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about yet another local Canadian author and one of our newest book releases to date. Raising Resilience is available to order now!

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