Where do I start? I guess in my heart. My January blog was about the magic of writing. It was the beginning of a mini-series I was intending to write about the magic of giving and the magic of connection and collaboration. As I attempted to pick up where I left off, I kept getting stuck. The magic? The magic of what? I don’t know.

I knew this path of thinking or questioning wasn’t taking me where I wanted to go in my writing. It was reminding me that I had lost some of my magic, or shall I say a lot of it just seven short weeks ago, with the unexpected passing of my vibrant, courageous 77-year-old father.

What to do. I am not sure. Keep breathing. Good idea. Breathe some more. Let the tears flow. Honour the grief. Look after your family. Let them look after you. Keep the important things the important things. Step back when you need to.

Then there is work, my beautiful work. It is cathartic, and I am blessed to be able to partner with such caring and committed individuals, my team and clients alike.

So, then I am back to who can I help? Well, I can finish writing a guest blog post for my lovely colleague, Karen Merk of Merk Photography. It helped. I shared a little about my parents and giving back where we can. I titled it Conscious Living and Giving; when it is posted, I will link to it here and share it on our social media platforms.

Okay. Now back to reconnecting with our community, crafting this blog, and revisiting my 2019-year writing plan.

My heart sinks deeper . . . Is there magic in giving? Helping others who are economically less fortunate than us, or hurting, or lonely? Absolutely. The ripple effect of each of our lives, even in the saddest of times, can bring hope and joy and self-worth to another human being. There is very little, if anything, more significant than this . . . My father knew that. He seemed fearless at times, and almost resolute in his efforts to give to those less fortunate. At the same time, he was always steadfast in his love and devotion to all-things family, our precious little family.

The magic of giving exists in the legacy of people like my father. It lives in individuals who find a way to give back in kindness and compassion in their everyday lives. I think of the brave story contributors who have bared their souls and shared their stories in the Hearts Linked by Courage collection. Sharing their painful journeys to light the path of another; this is giving too.

There is a space between our thoughts where we can rest, where we heal, and where we can ponder the deeper meaning of life and the difference we can make in every hello and goodbye, every email, text, and call.

My heart sinks deeper into this place.

I think of what I can do, what I can teach, and how I can help. I settle into the thoughts and experiences of others and allow my gifts to surface, so I can share them to encourage others.

I think of how I can share what I’ve learned. I think of the magic of connection and collaboration, in partnering with others to grow and succeed in a meaningful way . . . And yes, heal more too.

Not so long ago, I sought out a personal trainer who I felt could help me regain my strength and full mobility, following a serious rotator cuff injury. I found her. She is a gentle soul, wise beyond her 20-something years, who listens and works with me to reach my goals. A breath of fresh air—what I always strive to be for my clients.

When we connect with other like-minded and like-hearted individuals, magic happens. Collaboration and partnership foster deep conversations, ideas, and ultimately more meaningful results. This is evident in all areas of our life; for our health and well-being such as I share above, our relationships, and for fulfilling our dreams.

One of my writing goals this year is quite simple; it’s to do a little more guest-blogging. I look forward to sharing more of my life and learnings to hopefully light the path of others, whatever their journey—knowing that as we all become more enlightened and conscious in all that we do, this world will be a better place. In honour of my father.

If you have a story to share, there are many ways to do so. Be brave. You’ve got this. Skip the proverbial rock. Watch the ripple. Your ripple.

With warmest regards and spring blessings,

Sheri Andrunyk

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