Everyone Has A Story

She called it Partner Publishing (not self-publishing, not vanity publishing and not traditional publishing). That made sense to me, since it has been my intention all along to partner with inspiring individuals who were ready to tell their story and wanted someone to help them do it … while keeping the control in their hands and more money in their pockets.

Live A Life That Matters

It’s been quite the year of growth and learning, and I couldn’t think of a better message to wrap up 2012 than Live A Life That Matters.

Thanks for your ongoing support and patience these past couple of months, especially while we were busy expanding the I C Bookstore on-line and launching the Virtual Book Tour for my next book, Working From Home & Making It Work©.

The Creative Process – Sharing One’s Insights and Passions

My next book project is called, Working From Home & Making It Work ©, based on almost thirty years of experience and independent study. It’s a compilation of some of my more recent inspirational keynotes, a hands-on interactive workshop by the same name, and the individual mentoring and consulting I do with clients. I thought I would invite you on my journey as I complete the creative process and next steps to finally bringing it to fruition … and perhaps along the way offer you encouragement to put pen to paper or fingers to your keyboard, so you too can share your insights and passions with others.

Process & Purpose by New Author, Jim Baston

Why did you choose the story-telling format you used?

Jim: I wanted to write a “how-to” book on the subject, but I struggled with what form it would take. I chose to go with a fictional account because I thought it might be more interesting for the reader and I hoped that the reader would see elements of themselves in the characters. There were also some people issues that needed to be considered, and I thought the story approach would allow me to explore those interpersonal issues more effectively than a straight forward “how-to” book.