Is it Time to Write a New Story?

Is it Time to Write a New Story?

To write a new story is a great metaphor for many things in our lives. Sometimes it’s about creating healthier habits. It could be initiating important changes in the way you contribute to your key relationships, or making a decision to move beyond an existing situation. Either way, what’s most important is recognizing the choices we have and acting on those choices with honesty, wisdom, and compassion. As we know, the outcomes that develop are stronger decision-making skills, more confidence, courage, personal happiness, and fulfillment of purpose.

Process & Purpose by New Author, Jim Baston

Why did you choose the story-telling format you used?

Jim: I wanted to write a “how-to” book on the subject, but I struggled with what form it would take. I chose to go with a fictional account because I thought it might be more interesting for the reader and I hoped that the reader would see elements of themselves in the characters. There were also some people issues that needed to be considered, and I thought the story approach would allow me to explore those interpersonal issues more effectively than a straight forward “how-to” book.

Online Book Marketing

For nonfiction, self-published authors, their books give them added credibility in their field of expertise, which in turn attracts more speaking engagements, clients, and revenue.

The one constant, whether self-published or published through a traditional publisher, is that authors are largely responsible for marketing their books.