The power of our personal influence is undeniable, as are the endless possibilities we can manifest when we step into our own unique selves fully. It continues to be a very busy time at I C Publishing and I have lots to share with you in the coming weeks. First though, as this year comes to a close and we start to think about the holidays and what 2017 might look like for us, I came across a favourite piece of writing of mine that feels perfect to impart. Ironically, I began 2016 with a similar message about the ripple effect of our choices and actions, and here we are eleven months later and the inspiration resurfaces!

The Power of Personal Influence is adapted from “The Majesty of Calmness” by William Jordan, 1900, (William George Jordan, 1864 – 1928).

Allow yourself to sink deeply into Jordan’s words and let them resonate within you.

“The only responsibility you cannot evade in this life is the one you probably think of least—your personal influence. Every moment of your life you are changing, to a degree, the life of the whole world.

Every man and woman has an ‘atmosphere’ which is affecting others. So silently and invisibly does this atmosphere work, we may forget at times it exists. Yet all the great forces of nature—light, heat, electricity, gravitation—are silent and invisible. In all nature, the wonders of the ‘seen’ are dwarfed to insignificance when compared to the majesty and glory of the ‘unseen.’

Into your hands is given a marvelous power . . . The silent, unseen influence of your life, the constant radiation of what you project to others. By mere living, you radiate any of a thousand qualities: trust or distrust, cheer or gloom, cynicism or happiness. Your life is a constant state of radiation and absorption. To exist is to radiate and be the recipient of the radiations of others.

There are men and women who float down the stream of life like icebergs—cold, reserved, unapproachable, and self-contained. These refrigerated human beings have a most depressing influence on many who fall under their spell or radiated chilliness.

But there are other natures—warm, helpful, genial—who are like the gulf stream following their own course, flowing undaunted and undismayed into the ocean of colder water, bringing with them the warmth and life and light, the joyous stimulating breath of spring.

You can’t evoke for one second this radiation of your character—this constant effect on others. You can’t evade it by saying it’s an unconscious influence. It’s not. You chose the qualities you allow to be radiated. You can choose to cultivate calm and trust and generosity and justice and loyalty and honesty and love, make these vitally active in your character, and by so doing, constantly affect the world.

To make your influence felt of course, you must live with integrity. It’s useless for you to teach your children gentleness and truthfulness when you yourself are usually cross, when you yourself lies.

Never be content to merely influence others with your radiation. Seek to be an inspiration, bring out the best in others by radiating the best in yourself.”

In the coming weeks, I am so looking forward to introducing you to our newest authors and sharing some of our recent projects, both of which will serve to enrich your path in many ways. Although most months we post just one or two blogs, for December I will be sharing one a week for your added enjoyment and encouragement.

You’ll get to e-meet award-winning journalist, Roderick Urquhart and read about his newest book called Life Lines. We have an interview with registered holistic nutritionist, Jess Sherman, author of Raising Resilience – Take the stress out of feeding your family and love your life; and one with Theresa Sherwood who lovingly compiled a beautiful book for her family, her father’s memoirs (what an incredible journey through time).

There’s more, I C Publishing author, Jenn Pike, has written her long-awaited cookbook, The Simplicity Kitchen; and Mark Pezzelato shares probably his most impactful literary project to date, Transformations – Your Inner Guide to Self-Exploration! All will be in the I C Bookstore very, very soon, so stay tuned!

Talk about the power of personal influence and the ripple effect of one’s efforts! Every day I am so humbled to partner with all of our amazing, hard-working, and courageous clients who so willingly put themselves out there to make a difference to others.

Inspired? Go ahead. Write. Let your own unique light shine too.

Wishing you many blessings this season and always.

Warmest regards and appreciation,

Sheri Andrunyk

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