The Value of One-to-One Coaching and Consulting

Over and over again, the value of one-to-one coaching and consulting has been proven indispensable in most of our careers, especially when we’ve aligned ourselves with the right person . . . for us.

Although many coaching and consulting models for business owners and authors have changed to try and reach the masses, I still believe that having a meaningful conversation with an authentic expert one-to-one can pay significant dividends over group sessions.

Both can be very beneficial, of course. If you have a good sense of your needs and goals, how you’d like to accomplish them in general, and how soon, this will prove helpful in determining what avenue is best for you.

With individual sessions:

  • It’s all about you, so you and your coach or mentor can dig deeper faster, and come up with the solutions and next steps ideal for your situation.
  • Although you will have to invest a little more for someone’s undivided attention, you will likely find it very worthwhile, given how much more quickly you will learn and/or obtain the information you are looking for, not to mention the confidence and efficiency with which you can move forward and accomplish your goals.
  • Most of us find too, that trust and rapport is built much faster in these relationships, and provides a good foundation and well-rounded approach to considering our viable choices and making stronger decisions.

Group sessions are great for:

  • Obtaining specific knowledge with audiences who are seeking something similar.
  • Introducing us to an industry expert’s personality and delivery style, especially if we’re considering working with them long-term and perhaps one-to-one.
  • Saving a few dollars if you don’t need much in the way of customized and individual assistance, and you have the time to devote to workshops and/or programs, in-person or online.

In today’s world of bigger, better, more, and faster, I encourage you not to be dissuaded from asking for, and investing in the kind of quality support you are seeking. Your ROI, energetically and financially, can be substantial.

As a coach and mentor myself, what matters most to me is that I am able to meet my clients where they’re at and work with them at the pace their life and budget supports. Yes, I believe we need to stretch ourselves at times, but that’s another conversation altogether. You have to start somewhere.

Whether I’m consulting for a client once on a particular project or topic, or over several sessions, my role is to provide useful dialogue and perspective; and where needed, a deeper understanding of a certain subject to lighten their load and empower them on their journey. Most importantly, as coaches, I believe we’re meant to be conduits for inspiration and the knowledge our clients already possess.

Mastermind Groups:

Another avenue for your consideration is participating in a mastermind group with other positive, like-minded, and like-experienced individuals. This doesn’t mean that everyone should necessarily be in the same industry or all women or all men; it’s more that you want to engage with others who will help you grow and give you quality feedback based on where you’re at. There are a few too many variables to expand on here; however, one other component that can be invaluable is having a coach lead the mastermind sessions, so you have more structure and respectful accountability.

Is it time to up your game and explore the possibilities of working with someone who can help you do just that? Only you know . . .

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have. In addition to the consulting and project management work I do for our author clients at I C Publishing, I can also be available for one-to-one or group sessions.

Think of the great conversations you’ve had over your lifetime, especially the ones that have encouraged and propelled you to grow and do something you never thought you would or could . . . I love those conversations!

Whatever your next steps, I wish you courage, and meaningful, amazing success always!


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