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“We know the belief, commitment and dedication it takes to create and tell a great story, and then bring it fully to fruition.” Sheri Andrunyk

Providing more choice and support to business experts, wellness coaches, and spiritual mentors.

We have a sincere passion and respect for the written word and working with authors to bring those words to life.

We know the belief, commitment, and dedication it takes to create and tell a great story, and then bring it fully to fruition. Although we enjoy and work with many genres, we specialize in non-fiction, self-help, life learning, spiritual, personal development, health and wellness, non-technical business/teaching, and fiction based on real life.

To learn more about our clients, their work, and their publications, you can browse our website pages: Authors in Action, I C Highlights, and Testimonials. The majority of the books we produce are available in print and e-book in PDF. Another available digital format is the ePUB version (for e-readers), the latter of which can be distributed to approximately ten e-store sites for added convenience and accessibility. Whether you’re looking for assistance in just part of the publishing process or all of it, we have a comprehensive menu of services for you to select from that can be customized to meet your needs.

Our menu and fees listed are as accurate as possible to help you with planning and budgeting, although each manuscript has to be evaluated on its own merit (at which time we will be able to discern and advise you of any additional work/costs that may need to be considered). Monthly payments are also available prior to, during, and after book production depending on the services selected. As an independent Canadian partner publisher our goal is to meet you where you’re at – keeping at the forefront your unique voice, style of writing, and your goals as well.

With our royalty-free business model, we make every effort to keep more of the book sales profits in your pocket, while taking care of the many details that provide a strong foundation for your success. You can rest assured that once we review your project and determine the potential for a great working relationship, we will be pleased to enter into an agreement with you to help you achieve your ideal outcomes.

Creatively Yours, Sheri Andrunyk

Publisher, Senior Writer, Author, Mentor
Insightful Communications (I C) Publishing
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