I C Bookstore Highlights

From 2011 to 2023, I C Publishing hosted the I C Bookstore providing a quality space online to showcase our authors and feature their work.

Our catalogue has always and will continue to include meaningful, educational, and lived experience offered up in captivating layouts, charming illustrations, and down-to-earth, relatable narratives.

The acronym (I C) in our name stands for insightful communications and can also be interpreted literally as I see. In large part, it reflects our collective goal to inspire others with valuable teaching and mentoring, thoughtful dialogue, healthy choices, and self-awareness.

Thank you for your continued support of local authors and small business owners in Canada.

We were proud to provide this add-value service for our clients for an amazing twelve years. Now, given a significant physical move from the Greater Toronto Area to well north of the Muskokas, book sale platforms and order fulfilment are now in the hands of each author.

Meet Our Featured Authors
A lovely woman, holistic health practitioner, social worker, and intuitive healer Cheryl A. Moore.
Her inspiring book aptly titled Africa Brought Me Home – One Woman’s Journey to Reclaim Her Soul was published in the Fall of 2023.
As always, stay tuned for several new volumes in Our Lands Speak series by William D. Finlayson, Ph. D., F.R.S.C., Specially Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada for his innovations in Ontario Archaeology.
Impactful new publications anticipated 2024.