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Creator of the Hearts Linked by Courage© series supporting the important work of the not-for-profit sector
York Region Portraits of Giving Honouree 2020, East Gwillimbury
Recipient of the first Mental Health Friendly Business Award by CMHA York and South Simcoe

Sheri believes that we all possess the knowledge of what’s best for our own life and business. She is the catalyst that can and does bring those insights to the forefront; especially empowering authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners with vision, wisdom, and support.

Writing and Publishing

Upon the release of her first book Hearts Linked by Courage in 2010, Sheri expanded her consulting business once again to share her new knowledge and resources for those embracing the writing and book publishing journey. I C Publishing was officially unveiled in 2011 but the seeds were planted well before. Since then, Sheri and her amazing virtual team of experts have produced an amazing cross-section of high-quality books, including a second and third of her own called Working From Home & Making It Work© in 2012, and Do You Have a Book In You? in 2015.

Worth a very special mention is the release of Hearts Linked By Courage by the Canadian Mental Health Association – York and South Simcoe in 2016, making Sheri’s first book by the same name a very meaningful series; one that supports the important work of the not-for-profit sector in their ongoing efforts to inform our communities about each worthy cause, their challenges, and victories as well. Book three was published in 2018 and showcases the beautiful friendships and tireless efforts of everyone associated with Hospice Georgina. In Nov 2020 the fourth book was unveiled by Alzheimer Society of York Region to honour loved ones and caregivers on the dementia journey. And in Dec 2021, the fifth in the series,  Hearts Linked by Courage – People Supporting People came to life through the committed efforts of the team at CAYR Communications Connections Peer Links Project.


Keynotes, Events and Community

Over her lengthy career, Sheri has provided immeasurable inspiration, as well as truly tangible insights to individuals and audiences alike. It’s obvious she has been a powerful contributor to many exceptional events, out front and behind the scenes, including emceeing for A Woman’s Worth Annual Event in support of Cancer Research.

From co-founding the Stepping Up Events, Reinventing Yourself Series, and Clarity Day Retreats, to creating and hosting of the Women For Women 6 Figure Event from 2009 to 2012, and more recently lending the Hearts Linked by Courage© name and theme to an inspiring Wellness Retreat she co-created with a colleague in 2017, Sheri’s focus has always been to celebrate and inspire success; and to give to those less fortunate, creating a platform to make it easier for others to give too.

To that end, among the numerous other community efforts she supports, Sheri has sat on the Salvation Army York Housing and Support Services Community Advisory Council for many years including as past elected Chair, 2017–2020.


Mentoring and Coaching for Business and Life

Over the past thirty-plus years, eleven of which were spent as a successful franchise owner in the beauty industry, Sheri has also had extensive formal training and mentoring in business and direct sales, earning her numerous awards for personal achievement and team development and success.

In addition to working with her author clients, she will always remain passionate about coaching and mentoring business owners and entrepreneurs who are as committed and enthusiastic about work and life as she is.

As a coach and Master NLP Practitioner, Sheri skilfully guides her clients through many steps of their career, helping to maintain the work/life balance that is best for them—all the while inspiring confidence and providing direction to continually take those next steps in living their ideal life. When assisting clients with marketing projects, Sheri has a unique sense of how best to communicate and express their message, as if they created it themselves. Her extraordinary and obvious passion and expertise in language, communication, and relationships, makes her an invaluable source of support in one’s personal or professional journey.

In 2006, as a natural extension of Sheri’s work in coaching, mentoring and connecting others, she started Master Mentors©—to bring like-minded business women together in a brainstorming, think-tank environment. The concept quickly became a full-fledged membership under the umbrella of her then company, Women for Women™, offering members additional exposure and platforms to grow their network and ultimately their business. Sheri humbly shares the tremendous success of Master Mentors© with the amazing women who embraced the invitation to join her team of chapter facilitators. Together, over an almost nine-year span, they made it possible to provide far-reaching influence and support for thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs all over Southern Ontario. Although initially intended to bring people together in person in their local business communities, in keeping with the times, they morphed again for a while and shifted to an online video model in 2014. Now, when she can, Sheri focuses her networking time on supporting other great organizations creating similar platforms to serve the greater business communities of York Region and beyond.

As you can tell, Sheri’s vision is limitless. One of the mottos she lives by every day is the best is yet to come.