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I C Publishing Unveils Author’s Story About Losing Sight and Gaining Vision

My Unforeseen Journey: Losing Sight Gaining Vision is the deeply moving story of a young woman whose life changes drastically after suffering a massive stroke that leaves her legally blind and completely paralyzed on her left side. Melanie Taddeo-Nxumalo imparts her experiences in a unique and inspiring way, providing profound insights for the reader to relate to in their own unforeseen journeys.

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Millions of Knots: Discovering My Light Through Cancer

Sharon Permack shares her compelling story of cancer diagnosis, life-threatening lung disease, and divorce in a raw and authentic way that will offer you hope for your own life. Baring her soul in Millions of Knots, Sharon takes us through many difficult and devastating moments. Yet she also shares how she overcame numerous obstacles to get to where she is now: a compassionate leader for healing and advocacy.

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The Hearts Linked by Courage Project

The Hearts Linked by Courage Series supports the important work of the not-for-profit sector in their ongoing efforts to inform our communities about each worthy cause, their good news stories, and their challenges.

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Paulie and Me – The Joys and Struggles of….

By Bernice Ranalli – Paulie and Me is the poignant account of the author’s life and exploration into the coming of age with a special needs sibling.

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Millions of Knots – Discovering My Light Through Cancer

By Sharon Permack – In Millions of Knots: Discovering My Light Through Cancer, author Sharon Permack bravely and unabashedly tells her story-including what she learns-going through the….

Without you, Sheri Andrunyk, and the I C Publishing team, this book would have stayed a wonderful set of artwork and great prose in a Word document, not this beautiful book. You possess a wealth of knowledge, integrity, and an understanding sense of the creative process. It was a pleasure working alongside of you and I look forward to continuing this relationship.” 

Jenna Stewart

I C Publishing Author, There is This Place

“Sheri, thank you so much for all of your hard work and guidance… You are a true gift and I am forever grateful.”

Jenn Pike

I C Publishing Author, The Simplicity Project / The Simplicity Kitchen