Insights from our Clients and Colleagues

“What impressed me most during our first phone conversation Sheri was that you took a genuine interest in what my hopes and goals were for my book. We had a long conversation that afternoon, and when we hung up, I knew that I C was my publishing choice. For me, it was a wonderful experience—and a learning opportunity (that’s the ECE in me speaking!)—because as I reviewed segments that you, Carole, and Kim edited/commented on, and then made those changes, I recognized that the encouragement, always positive support, and suggestions/editing was a true partnership. We were all working together to make this the book become what I hoped it would be. And Sheri, it is just that. THANK YOU.”
Wendy D. Poole

Remembering: A Time of Great Purpose

“. . . Sheri, the first time we met was at the East Gwillimbury Chamber Networking Breakfast. I remember your warm smile and the way you made everyone around you feel so comfortable. I think one of your greatest attributes is your ability to connect with people. As one of your favourite quotes says, ‘don’t ever underestimate the impact you may have on someone’s life.’ I look at all that you do with so many organizations from youth to seniors and I admire your heart. . . When Karen mentioned to me that this year (2020) you were chosen as the recipient of the Portrait of Giving for East Gwillimbury, I was honoured to be able to co-sponsor. You have helped so many people to achieve their goals and, on your journey, you have always been a huge part of the Portraits of Giving family. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say thank you. Thank you for always having something beautiful to say to uplift a person who may be down. Thank you for supporting youth, seniors, and those who sometimes don’t have a voice of their own. Thank you for all that you have shared with us over the years and your continued support with all you do.”
Anita Smeskal Donato

For All Occasions Gift Baskets & Sweets & Anita’s Events

“Sheri Andrunyk has been writing our Portraits of Giving honouree stories for many years. Sheri and her team are extremely conscientious and talented writers who shine at writing about people who inspire others. The quality of their work is second to none, they are very professional, are always a pleasure to work with, and are extremely organized. We are proud to work with Sheri to inspire York Region to keep giving back to help their community through the Portraits of Giving initiative. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for their services.”
Karen Merk

Merk Photography and Portraits of Giving Founder

“Working with Sheri Andrunyk and the team at I C Publishing was a delightful experience. They were professional, effective, and supportive during every step of the process to finalize and publish my first solo book called, Options Open: The Guide for Mapping Your Best Aging Journey. I C Publishing are an invaluable group for their attention to detail, strong communication, and ability to guide a writer through the publishing process in a timely way. I could not have been in better hands in bringing this meaningful project to fruition!”

Sue Lantz, BA, MPA

Options Open: The Guide for Mapping Your Best Aging Journey

“From the moment we met with I C Publishing’s Sheri Andrunyk, we were eager with her to bring stories about people impacted by dementia to life. Sheri was both professional and personable. She was excited about the Hearts Linked by Courage series which promotes York Region NFPs and charities and the work they do and how the Alzheimer Society of York Region would be a natural fit. Her enthusiasm and passion is contagious. Sheri was available to us every step of the way—answering questions, providing advice, and working with us and our authors to ensure their stories were told in a way that honoured their person and the journey. The finished product was delivered on time and on budget and is everything we wanted. It is a beautiful book that will be used as a way to show York Region residents impacted by dementia that they are not alone and they are enough. Thank you for this opportunity, Sheri, and for your kindness and support.”

Alzheimer Society of York Region

Hearts Linked by Courage – Honouring Loved Ones and Their Caregivers on the Dementia Journey

“When I decided to write my book, I knew what I wanted to say but had no idea how to start. After my first conversation with Sheri, together, we plotted out my roadmap and came up with a plan. The journey of writing a book for me had to be different as I am legally blind. Sheri was patient and creative in helping me find a system that would work best for both of us. I worked closely with Sheri through the creative process and editing stages. I appreciated her sensitivity to my challenges, and her encouragement every step of the way was comforting.

When we got to the design process, this was also an exciting process with the team at I C Publishing. They were exceptional at taking my concept and creating the perfect cover that beautifully captured my vision; a dream come true. Now that the book has been released, I can truly reflect on how very blessed I am to have worked with such a professional, creative, and caring team. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to tell their story from the heart to contact Sheri and her team. You won’t be disappointed.
Thank you all for helping me through this exciting journey.”

Melanie Taddeo-Nxumalo

My Unforeseen Journey – Losing Sight Gaining Vision

“…….Early in 2016, I began to write my memoirs; and in 2017 produced a draft of a book about our 2012-2014 excavations at Patterson Village, a 19th century company town in Vaughan. As the book progressed, I contacted Sheri Andrunyk at I C Publishing. This began a very enjoyable and productive relationship. Sheri and her talented staff produced an beautiful 190-page, full-colour book entitled The Archaeology of Patterson Village: a 19th Century Company Town in in the Township of Vaughan, Ontario. Sheri has provided invaluable guidance in promoting and marketing this book. She is also working to help me produce a blog which chronicles the Patterson Village book and other aspects of my career. We are now working on publishing two more books this year. Working with Sheri and her staff is a wonderful experience. I highly recommend her to potential authors.”
William D. Finlayson Ph.D.

The Archaeology of Patterson Village

“Thank you so very much to Sheri and Gayle, for your remarkable kindness and the many hours spent in editing and patiently working with me to bring about the best outcome for my book. Thank you, I C Publishing. What an incredible team!”
Nasima Z.

In My Silent Moments

“It was with amazing synchronicity that I met my publisher, Sheri Andrunyk, and her team at Insightful Communications (I C) Publishing. I consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to work with this lovely woman who, with supreme professionalism and wisdom, her caring ear and hard work, helped bring this book to fruition.”
Christine Wunder Patton

Showing Up – Becoming the Me I Want To Be

“Without you, Sheri Andrunyk, and the I C Publishing team, this book would have stayed a wonderful set of artwork and great prose in a Word document, not this beautiful book. You possess a wealth of knowledge, integrity, and an understanding sense of the creative process. It was a pleasure working alongside of you and I look forward to continuing this relationship.”
Jenna Stewart

There is This Place, Prose and Original Artwork

“Thank you for all your patience and help. Your knowledge and professionalism definitely made this incredible and multi-layered process seamless.”
Annabella Stoyke

Christy Solves a Mystery / ABC Adventure Series

“To Sheri, my Publisher, and the entire I C Publishing team, I found your name in a book you had published, and on a whim contacted you expecting a quick conversation and nothing more. I instantly felt that I had made the right choice to call. From the beginning, you saw my vision for this project and taught me so much in the process. Not only did you welcome me as a client, but also as part of your I C Publishing family. You trusted me when I said I could do my own marketing and design work and, not only that, you took a chance on me to help you with your own projects. I can’t thank you enough for your dedication, wisdom, and friendship throughout this process. I have a feeling this is only the beginning.”
Christina Hunter

All Out of Womb ~ A Collection of Birthing Stories

“…I want to tell you what a delight you are to connect with…I really feel looked after…”
Karen Armstrong

Interpersonal Communication Specialist Inside Out

“Sheri, thank you so much for all of your hard work and guidance… You are a true gift and I am forever grateful.”
Jenn Pike

The Simplicity Project

“Sheri, Kim, and the I C Publishing Team—you are thorough, well informed, and encouraging.”
Kathleen Redmond

Building a Character Culture – for Trust and Results in the Workplace

“In my writing journey to now bestselling author on Amazon for Vitality Knocks I am so grateful for the encouragement and support I have received from Sheri and her team at IC Publishing. Your professionalism and experience in this crazy industry has helped me tremendously. Thank you so much.”
Anita Heidema

Vitality Knocks – Short Stories to Enrich Your Soul

“Through their (I C Publishing’s) thoughtful process, they always assured me that my message would remain true to its cause . . . I extend a special thank-you to my publisher, Sheri Andrunyk, and lead editor, Gayle Clarke, who were always available to discuss and make helpful suggestions, and succeeded in creating this finished product that was true to their word, and mine. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Mary Louise Jarvis

A Mother’s Memoir – Living While Dying

“Sheri provides a truly excellent service. Originally, I C Publishing was hired just to do the e-book using the work already done by a self-publishing company I had previously contracted. However, as she started reviewing the book, she found that it contained hundreds of overlooked errors in the proofreading. She took the time to understand my vision and made many excellent suggestions based on my future plans, including a new cover design. I immediately stopped all work with the other company, and subsequently hired Sheri and her team to do the full package.I am thrilled with the results and her help with promotion is invaluable.
Adele Spraggon

Shaped Within – Reshaping Weight Loss

“Sheri was exceptional to work with. Her high energy and obvious knowledge of the publishing industry helped guide me through what would’ve otherwise been a momentous task. She was excellent at making recommendations such as book size, cover colours, fonts, etc., and pushed me appropriately when it was needed. I would strongly recommend Sheri to anyone wishing to publish a book.”
Jim Baston

Beyond Great Service

“I initially started working with Sheri as my business coach and soon discovered that not only is she an expert at listening, guiding and bringing out more of who I truly am; she is also a skilled writer and editor. Sheri has assisted me tremendously with clarifying my website content. She approached my writing with thoughtfulness, precision and creativity. After Sheri worked her magic, my first drafts came back to me promptly with freshness and added zest. Thank you Sheri!”
Terri Segal

Expressive Arts Therapist Rhythmic By Nature

“You have less than 40 seconds to make a first impression! Insightful Communications makes that impression GREAT on paper and on the world-wide web! Finding it a challenge to convey your message or you just don’t have the time, Sheri (and her staff) truly understands the process and takes the time to ask the necessary questions, ensuring that the work they create emulates your personality and business philosophy. I personally value the integrity and intention of Insightful Communications, as they really strive to communicate your message authentically, instilling confidence and providing a peace of mind throughout the entire process. Whether the project is big or small, it’s great to have Insightful Communications ‘on-call‘!”
Melody Rader

President/Owner Accountable Solutions Inc

“Insightful Communications has given me a well-written, articulate letter that my business is able to use for advertising, newsletters or newspaper article. I am very pleased with their expertise and quick response to my request”.
Susan Thordarson

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