Exploring the Writer’s Language Toolkit – Part 2

Last week we looked at some of the most commonly used elements of punctuation and how they are used. But our punctuation, grammar and language toolkit has a lot more in it. Ellipsis …, italics, (parentheses), “scare quotes” and bold-face are the most frequently used ways to enhance the written message.

Are You a Writer? Tips on Packing Your Punctuation Tool Kit

Whether you loved your English studies or not, you’ll find the following a wonderful refresher. Kim is my publishing assistant, proof-reader and our resident expert on everything English. Creative license aside, Kim gives you lots to ponder. And next time you go to write or type a personal email, business letter or pen a book, I’m sure you will appreciate these tips on what to put in your punctuation tool kit. It might make you think twice on how best to deliver your message…