Happy 2018! Here’s an excerpt of a special message I delivered recently at our wellness retreat a couple of months ago. It seemed perfect to share with you as we all begin another new year together.

We all have a story—many actually—which define and influence, sometimes greatly, how we perceive things and choose to live our lives.

Learning about other people’s journeys lets us know that we’re not alone, whether it’s a blog or biography you’re reading, stories in books like the Hearts Linked by Courage series, and/or engaging in a great conversation.

In some ways, it even helps us to heal when healing is needed. It teaches us more compassion, and help us to grow.

Those who stand in their power, often with much courage, and share their life experiences, learning, and wisdom symbolize, in a way, the passing of the proverbial torch, making us feel that if she or he can do it, then so can we. How awesome is that?!

As much as there are extremely terrible things going on in the world today, I truly believe that it is also a time of enlightenment, of deep personal, professional, emotional, and spiritual growth.

I invite you to embrace all that is being gifted to you today and in the coming weeks and months. Take what you need, and sit with the rest. Notice a little more about your own process, take time to digest and integrate what you hear and learn today. Open yourself up to enjoy and receive all that has been prepared for you, right down to the smallest detail.

My first gift of 2018 is to encourage you to write . . . to anchor all that is great about you, and all that is possible in you and because of you when you are standing in your own power.

My second gift is to inspire you to use your voice for good . . . in your home, in your work, and in your community . . . and recognize the ripple effect of your life from this perspective.

My third gift to you is big! It’s not the self-important big; it’s the quiet grace that exists in each of us to help us stay our course, follow our unique purpose, and use our gifts to make a difference where we can, despite the things that can weigh us down at times. This gift is also a gift you give to others just by being you. In essence . . . it eventually becomes your legacy (that’s the big part!).

Now remember, legacy means so many different things. Think about it for a minute . . . Imagine a person in your life that has truly touched and guided you in an amazing way. They may be here, or they may have passed. What is their legacy? What did they teach you? What will you pass on?

Let me give you a couple of examples, my beautiful grandmothers; I was very close to both. My maternal grandmother exuded that quiet grace, and an incredible love and acceptance of others, sometimes even regardless of their actions . . . She always wrote beautifully, whether in a birthday card, letter, or a “thinking of you” note. I remembered how it made me feel. She passed these gifts on to my mom, and they both passed them on to me. Now my mom’s legacy is entirely another story, perhaps a book. I am grateful to say the least.

My paternal grandmother showed me living and serving in another way—how to care for others by clothing them and nourishing their bodies with good food. Family was everything . . . and, in a way, everyone was family. She had a robust personality, a big warm laugh, and a hug I can still feel today.

Now let’s get back to you; it’s time to write. Select your favourite writing mode and answer these questions:

  1. What is so great about you?

This question can be said and felt in two totally different ways. Would you agree? In fact, I almost reworded it; however, it made me think about all the work I’ve done over the years in my own personal growth, especially becoming more aware of my internal dialogue. Our self-talk can hinder or help elevate our thoughts and experiences in a truly profound way. So how did you first read this question? Where did that come from? How do you want to read it in the future?

  1. What do you consider your life purpose? What moves your soul?
  2. What do you want to learn, gain, or grow in this month and year?
  3. What are you committed to contributing to your journey?
  4. What do you recognize as the positive ripple effects of your life so far?
  5. What do you want your legacy to be?
  6. How does this or can this influence your daily choices and actions?

So . . . what is so great about you? 

Now feel the vibration of the words you’ve written . . . and give them life.

In closing,

I hope you will reflect on what you wrote often. Settle yourself into this moment . . . into your own greatness . . . and into the positive collective energy of us all.

Like the story of the butterfly, experiencing all the nuances, even what appears to be the challenges of life—good and not so—help us transform into the best versions of ourselves . . . if we allow it.

Speak kindly to yourself. Go at your own pace, but go. Take action where you’re called to. Step into your power, and in doing so, you will help others do the same.

Thank you so much for being a part of the I C Publishing community.

With warmest regards and appreciation,

Sheri Andrunyk

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