As I was working on content for my next blog and social media posts, I started browsing all the great tidbits we have on our website to spur my creativity. Since it’s always been my goal to provide high quality content to educate and encourage our readers, I quickly realized there was a lot of useful information I could easily repurpose.

Below are a few articles I’ve written over the years on research, resourcefulness, productivity, and writing and marketing one’s book. I’ve included a small paragraph from each post and provided a direct link (in the title) to the full article or blog. You can also find them via and follow us on your preferred social media platform for more helpful insights and tips. Be sure to scroll right to the end of this post to hear about some awesome projects we’re working on, as well as three gifts I’m preparing to make available for a limited time.

Pour your favourite beverage and enjoy perusing (there is more on our blog as well).

5 Easy Steps for Gaining New Knowledge (on She Owns It platform)

Here are five easy steps for gaining new knowledge … One of the benefits I love about my lifelong studies in NLP and psychology is that I recognize processes quite quickly now, both my own and others. I often hear others saying how overwhelmed they are with technology, social media, and even the abundance of opportunities available to them these days. Don’t get me wrong, I have had my moments of feeling this way as well (and still do sometimes); I’ve just trained myself to shift gears into a productive, resourceful state much more efficiently and effortlessly than I used to. This way I can just get to the task at hand, gathering information, sorting through what I can work with, and then moving right into action. …

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know (on LinkedIn)

“You don’t know what you don’t know” is such a commonly used phrase these days. It can mean something good or not-so-good. For some, it might be intimidating and cause for worry. However, regardless of how equipped and conscientious we try to be, there are going to be things we simply must learn through the process. This applies to starting a business, building relationships, raising kids, and yes, even writing a book. As most who know me will say, I research and prepare to the nth degree. I have also learned not to hold myself back because of the unknowns. …

Writing a Bestseller

The subject of how to write a bestseller deserves some attention. You probably think that I’m going to broach the creative process and give you this magical formula. We’ll get to that perhaps in part; howeverwriting a bestseller is about so much more. … Content is still king, and it is also very subjective. What I like, you might not, and vice versa. That’s why it’s so important to view this entire process in much broader terms than whether your book has the bestseller stamp on it. … As a lover of language, an avid reader, and writer myself, the only way I determine a book is a bestseller is by reading it and fully experiencing all the author is offering. If, as authors, we write with this in mind, it’s likely our words will have greater impact too. … 

Books Don’t Sell Because They’re in Bookstores or Distribution Catalogues

Similar to the saying “the phone won’t ring because you have a nice business card or website,” believe it or not, books really don’t sell because they’re in bookstores or distribution catalogues (although it’s part of what can make sales easier once you have the engaged your potential audience). … Ultimately, books sell because authors (along with their team or partners) are part of a plan that connects them and keeps them in front of their book’s target market…

I hope you enjoy the summary above and find more resources on our blog. In the coming weeks I will be providing three special codes to use in our bookstore. They will provide you free access to the digital versions of my books, Working from Home and Making it Work, Hearts Linked by Courage (first volume), and Do You Have a Book in You—because I think a little boost of inspiration and helpful insights can go a long way for all of us these days.

Stay tuned for more details on this and some of our exciting projects underway this year including:

  • The sixth publication in the growing archaeology series, Our Lands Speak, called The Archaeology, History, and Architecture of The Philip Eckardt Log House – The Oldest House in the City of Markham, Ontario, Canada by George W.J. Duncan and, series founder, William D. Finlayson, Ph.D., F.R.S.C.
  • The fifth volume of the Hearts Linked by Courage series with CAYR Community Connections
  • The sixth volume of the Hearts Linked by Courage series with The Salvation Army York Housing and Support Services
  • My PCOS Pregnancy – Getting and Staying Pregnant with PCOS by first-time author, Dr. Laura von Hagen, MSc, ND
  • And another awesome cookbook or two in the works!

Wishing you and those you care about the best of health, happiness, and hope always.

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