Happy new year. I hope 2020 is off to a fulfilling and encouraging start for you.

In case you missed my December blog, you can link to it here, There is a Time for Comfort and Sanctuary. My hope is that my message offers a little wisdom for each of us to carry into 2020 as we settle into our vision for the months and year—and decade—ahead.

In 2020, I C Publishing celebrates ten years in the publishing industry. It all began behind the scenes in 2010, researching, writing, and collaborating with other contributors to publish the first Hearts Linked by Courage book, now a series supporting the important work of the not-for-profit and social services sector.

We have updated a few items and links on our website, most specifically on our home page, offering helpful information to our audience of writers and authors, including experts in business and specialty fields, and wellness and spiritual mentors.

2019 publication highlights include spirited personal triumph stories offering hope through unforeseen journeys and difficult diagnosis, adorable children’s stories with deep and uplifting messages, awesome cookbooks offering an array of delicious, healthy recipes and great culinary tips, a second Down-to-Earth volume on achieving real estate success, a substantial expansion to Our Lands Speak archaeology series featuring the fourth book and first occasional paper, and the crowning accomplishment of one of our authors reaching true national success status with over 5,000 copies sold. We are so happy and tremendously proud to play a small part and celebrate in the achievements of our clients!

Warmest congrats goes to I C Publishing three-time author, Jenn Pike, whose first book, The Simplicity Project, has reached this coveted achievement through consistent and passionate commitment to her craft, her vision, her clients, and especially her family.

Together we’ve created a new cover for The Simplicity Project to commemorate over 5,000 copies sold. Check it out. It’s beautiful! Jenn will be at Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket on March 4th for the official unveiling, and I know she’d love to see you.

In an upcoming blog, I’ll be sharing a special message from Jenn about her amazing journey and growth, and her version of success. In the meantime, should you see her online or have an opportunity to meet her in March, be sure to give her a “high five!” It’s well deserved.

As for 2020, much is already brewing for us this year too. For now, I thought I’d recap just a few of our previous blog posts below for a little new year’s inspiration.

Making the World a Better Place – One Person, One Book at a Time

“. . . When we have a book in us, sometimes we feel the need to write it as much for ourselves as anyone else, and you should; however, especially in non-fiction writing, the other side of that coin is the need to also pen it to help guide, support, and empower someone else on their life journey. When we get to impart the experiences, knowledge, and wisdom we’ve gained, nothing feels better than to know that sharing our story has elevated another human being . . .” Click here for the rest of the post including a short visualization exercise—a simple read with a potentially profound effect

What Could You Do in 21 Days?

“. . . Have you ever thought about something you said you really wanted to do (like writing)—and thought about it and thought about it—so much so that you talked yourself out of doing it? What do you when this happens? Do you have a process that helps you get out of your head and refocus? For many years, among other things, I have used the 21-day approach, not just in my past coaching practice to support and guide my clients, but for myself as well. It’s a great reset at any time and works for just about anything I can think of . . .” Click here for the full post featuring some very useful insights applying this to writing.

Do You Love to Write?

“. . . If so, do you make time to? Have you started a manuscript that you’d like to get back to? If it is inspiration you’re looking for, the best way to get the motivation to accomplish something is to simply start. As Nike says, just do it. Just write, and you’ll create the momentum to continue—maybe not in the first word or sentence, but if you keep at it, you’re sure to get there . . .” Click here for a few tips that have worked for me and others.

Conscious Writing and Publishing

“. . . What does conscious writing and publishing mean? To me, it’s putting our whole heart and mind into our work. We embrace the words that dance in our heads, and we hope and trust, as they land on our computer screen awaiting our every move. Then we share, sometimes gingerly, always courageously, in anticipation that the reader will be inspired and engaged . . .” The rest of the blog can be enjoyed here

As I shared at the close of my December message, I hope you remember that there is still magic in the world. You. Me. Us.

Remain present-minded in everything you do . . . Share your story and your light to lift others.

And in doing so, may you consciously manifest a beautiful year and decade that sees you using all of your unique gifts and reaping abundant rewards.

Be well and be kind.

In gratitude,

Sheri Andrunyk

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