Do you love to write and, if so, do you make time to? Have you started a manuscript that you’d like to get back to? If it is inspiration you’re looking for, the best way to get the motivation to accomplish something is to simply start. As Nike says, just do it. Just write, and you’ll create the momentum to continue—maybe not in the first word or sentence, but if you keep at it, you’re sure to get there.

It’s like this blog, there is so much to share on the topic of writing, publishing, life, and business; yet where do I start? Well, here’s a few insights and to-dos that usually work for me:

1)     In part, I remind myself of my goals and purpose, which is to be a positive communicator, a humble wordsmith, and a mentor to those who love the written word like I do and wish to create a lasting legacy through their life and work.

2)     Then I allow myself to be quiet. You’re probably wondering how that is even possible some days; however, we all have at least some choices in what we put into our day or week. And being still and silent for even a few minutes a day as you shift gears from one task to the next can really empower you. This works very well especially before you sit down to write.

3)     Clear the clutter in your thoughts to permit the words you’re meant to write to percolate to the surface. All this means is, do your best to keep yourself relatively organized with appointments, reminders, and to-dos, as this will help you to stay on top of things versus constantly being in “trying to remember” mode. This will free your mind to nurture those creative seeds ready to sprout given the right environment and attention.

4)     When you get a good title or idea for your writing, be it a blog, chapter, book, or other, have a notebook or special place on your computer or phone where you can jot it down quickly and easily. Then you always have this list to go to as an inspiration and memory jogger.

5)     Become aware of when you enjoy and do your best writing, then book that time with yourself to write and create. No one else can do this, but you. The benefits are endless. Can you think of a few for you?

6)     Minimize your expectations and rules unless you have the personality that is driven by extra structure. That said, for bigger projects specifically, allow yourself to play with your schedule a little and explore the possibilities of what you can achieve that would excite you if you did. This might mean writing a blog or a couple of chapters a week; the timing and details are different for all of us, but the process if very similar.

7)     Don’t wait. It is far too easy to restrict ourselves if we’re always concerned about timing. If you have fifteen or thirty minutes and you want or need to write, write. It is a small window, but chances are you’ll get some good stuff down that will be a breeze to finish when you get back to it . . . just like this blog. In fact, this reminds me of a process that one of our client’s shared when asked what it took to write his book, given that he is a busy medical doctor with a young family; in short, he said he simply wrote a minimum of fifteen minutes a day for a few months, and his book was written.

8)     Answer this question, what is the ripple effect of your message (writing, work, life)? Think about the encouragement and/or education you might provide to your reader. Consider the potentially life-changing impact you could have on someone’s confidence or healing, relationships, a child’s growth and self-awareness, workplace culture, and so on. Let this add to your resolve to begin writing, typing, or even dictating with voice-to-text software, and before you know it you’ll have accomplished what you set out to . . . and you’ll be making a meaningful difference with your words.

Happy writing!

Warmest regards,

Sheri Andrunyk

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