What could you do in 21 days? Have you ever thought about something you said you really wanted to do (like writing)—and thought about it and thought it about—so much so that you talked yourself out of doing it? What do you when this happens? Do you have a process that helps you get out of your head and refocus?

For many years, among other things, I have used the 21-day approach, not just in my past coaching practice to support and guide my clients, but for myself as well. It’s a great reset at any time and works for just about anything I can think of. For example, do you want to write more? Try it. Do you want to move more, eat healthier, or make some lifestyle changes like increasing your self-care? Try it for these things too.

The gist is that you write down what you want to commit to doing daily for a minimum of 21 days. Set yourself up for success. Physically, in some way, record Day 1 to Day 21 in your calendar (on consecutive days); set it up on your phone if that helps, do whatever you need to do.

Determine the estimated amount of time you will need each day, to dedicate to achieving your goals. Whether it’s fifteen minutes or an hour, book that time with yourself (as if you were scheduling an appointment with someone else, meaning don’t cancel).

Then begin. We all have the same twenty-four hours in a day. If you slide a little one day, make up for it the next. If you find you have a bit more time another day, and you’re feeling extra motivated, do more. The key is you are creating a new muscle; once worked consistently, the task(s) can become second nature, and ultimately part of your new norm. Perhaps you just need to complete a specific project; that works too.

Another great tip in this process is to record what you actually do each day, specifically with respect to your 21-day goals. (I use my Outlook Mail environment for this, booking an appointment with myself, then using the space for notes to record whatever moves me, including what I did and sometimes what I learned to help me in the future.) This affirms and anchors your accomplishment and raises your awareness about how you use your time in general.

Let’s apply it to writing. Say you determine it takes you about 30 minutes to write approximately 500 words; and you decide to commit this into your schedule for the next 21 days. In three weeks, you’ll have over 10,000 words written. Half of a small book? Some blog series created? The beginnings of your memoir? You tell me . . .

There are so many exceptional resources and areas of study at our fingertips today. In fact, that could even be another 21-day focus, or part of one, to explore and research topics that you’d like to learn about and incorporate into your life and work.

The 21-Day Plan also works very well for reframing self-talk and creating new habits in general. A couple other areas of study which support satisfying, sustainable, and rewarding change in many areas of your life are tapping and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). My book, Working From Home & Making it Work©, mentioned below, includes twenty pages of NLP exercises and ten more pages of personal tips from me.

I am working on my own 21-day strategies this month; celebrating my progress and success on my birthday. It’s kind of like a gift to myself.

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