This is what it feels like at I C Publishing every day, that we’re playing a precious part in making the world a better place by partnering with like-minded and like-hearted individuals who have a passion for sharing what they’ve lived and learned to help others.

Yes, when we have a book in us, sometimes we feel the need to write it as much for ourselves as anyone else, and you should; however, especially in non-fiction writing, the other side of that coin is the need to also pen it to help guide, support, and empower someone else on their life journey.

When we get to impart the experiences, knowledge, and wisdom we’ve gained, nothing feels better than to know that sharing our story has elevated another human being.

Every client we work with has a powerful and passionate connection to the words they write, whether they’re an author of a history, self-help, or business book, memoir, children’s story, health and wellness or cookbook. As their partner, it’s incredibly rewarding and enriching.

I’ve enjoyed well over thirty years of being a business owner and entrepreneur. The individual chapters in my career have been very fulfilling. Some of the key things that have remained constant all this time is the importance of communication, teamwork, seeing the good in people, and lifting each other up towards our best selves. The ripple effect of the work we do in I C Publishing emulates this and, in my humble opinion, helps to make this world a better place.

In the coming weeks we have some more author interviews for you. I encourage you to follow along. There is something for everyone. You’ll be inspired by each writer, now published author, and the energy and commitment they put into setting their goals and seeing them to fruition. You’ll learn from a self-proclaimed anxiety warrior and mom who is encouraging meaningful dialogue in the children’s mental health field, a down-to-earth real estate investor and mentor who candidly imparts the ups and downs purchasing his first ten houses, and a business women and entrepreneur sharing the poignant and thoughtfully told story of growing up with a special needs sibling.

Lived experience, kindness, compassion, and integrity are at the core of all these stories, and we’re proud to help bring them to life.

We hope that you’re enjoying the beauty and peacefulness our Canadian autumn season brings. I always find that this time of year is perfect for reflecting on the year that is almost behind us.

Imagine cozying up with warm blanket and beverage . . . Close your eyes and take a few deep and nourishing breaths . . . Acknowledge yourself for the goals you did reach, see the good and the lessons in your journey so far, commend yourself for the quality time you’ve taken for you and those you care about. Gently notice those things still on your list you’d like to give more attention to and know that you can when you decide you are ready. Most importantly, embrace this moment and recall it often to help keep you in the present. Draw on all your senses as you think of everything you are grateful for . . . Mmm, this might be a good time to write.

We look forward to connecting with you more on social media. Feel free to comment on the blog posts that resonate with you. And don’t hesitate to let us know of other topics you’d like to hear from us on.

Thanks very kindly for your time and interest.

Warmest Regards,

Sheri Andrunyk

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