In our previous post, we discussed The Purpose (and Mystery) Behind Bestseller Campaigns and Lists, and hopefully made it clear that writing a bestseller doesn’t always equate to being a bestseller on any particular list.

Now, the subject of how to write a bestseller deserves some attention. You probably think that, next, I’m going to broach the creative process and give you this magical formula. We’ll get to that, perhaps in part, however, writing a bestseller is about so much more. For example:

  • What does the title “bestseller” mean to you? Does it define your success in any way? If so, how or why?
  • Who is your audience? What does the bestseller label mean to them, if anything?
  • Is your book in response to others who want more of your inspiring stories, expert mentoring, and guidance?
  • Have you already accomplished a well written manuscript or program or book for your target market, which has garnered you very positive feedback?

These are important questions to ask yourself.

Content is still king, however, it is also very subjective. What I like, you might not, and vice versa. That’s why it’s so important to view this entire process in much broader terms than whether your book has the bestseller stamp on it.

In my opinion, writing a true bestseller is more about well organized thoughts, structure, and quality writing. It’s also about supporting your work with thorough research where needed, credible and properly noted sources, “real” testimonials and endorsements, and professional editing and proofreading according to a recognized style guide (i.e. Chicago Manual of Style).

As a lover of language, an avid reader, and writer myself, the only way I determine a book is a bestseller is by reading it and fully experiencing all the author is offering. If, as authors, we write with this in mind, it’s likely our words will have greater impact too.

I think, ultimately, for most authors, if achieving bestseller would ensure that their book would be seen and bought by more people and that their audience would increase substantially, they would say, “Sign me up.” However, as my colleague alluded to in our previous post, there are no guarantees.

Of course, I don’t want to give you the impression that achieving bestseller isn’t worth pursuing, especially if we’re talking about campaigns in or around the time of your initial release, or the longevity that may come with attaining national status with a certain level of actual units sold. However, know for sure why and how you’re doing it. And in order to perhaps better secure your future success as an author, give as much or more attention to the following:

  • Establish, build, and maintain a meaningful author profile online and in every arena your audience is.
  • Engage regularly with your target market on social media and in-person.
  • Encourage your audience to engage and follow you too, by sharing stories and helpful information that relates to the relationship you want to have with them. You can do this with short posts, monthly blogging, and/or a seasonal newsletter.

In today’s environment, relatively speaking, it is ridiculously easy to pop out a book and almost as easy to massage a campaign to achieve somewhat fruitful results. However, this is not the way to stand out in the crowd and enjoy authentic and lasting success. This takes added effort, thoughtfulness, planning, and expert resources.

Believe in all your possibilities. Have the courage to take the high road and bring to life your best work—because you can—and when you do, you will change lives.

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Sheri and the I C Publishing Team

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