We’ve been working on 3 exciting updates for I C Publishing this fall, including the expansion of I C Bookstore on-line, the upcoming release of my new book, “Working From Home & Making It Work” and subsequent Virtual Book Tour.

Expansion of I C Bookstore

The expansion of the I C Bookstore was inevitable. In addition to our own work and the authors we publish, there are so many other Canadian authors we are inspired by. As a result, we wanted to develop a way to showcase them too. You’ll find them in the I C Bookstore under the heading, Friends of I C Publishing. We’ve handpicked some excellent books to share with you, and the list is growing as I type. If you are writer whose time has come, I hope our authors’ accomplishments will serve as further encouragement to put fingers to keyboard and complete “your” first or next manuscript.

New Release Slated for November

I’ve also been busy putting the finishing touches on my long-awaited second book, “Working From Home & Making It Work“, and it will finally be ready to share early November. This project is a culmination of many years of study and experience, trial and error, more study and practise – including workshop materials, keynotes, inspiration and do-it-yourself exercises and visualizations. So when it came time to gathering everything, I knew I had to build on all of these varying aspects.

Even though I love educating and imparting new knowledge as I continue to learn and grow myself, I’m especially moved when helping others to be better self-managers and communicators, supporting real change from the inside out. And that’s what this book is about. I’ve included some great examples and helpful exercises that you can refer to time and again. Recently I elaborated on one of these tools in my newsletter; it’s called the Wellness Journal. Here is the link. It’s a perfect time of year to go through this process for yourself, especially if you feel that you might be spinning your wheels, can’t find a time to write, or make those calls, and so on!

Working From Home & Making It Work is a handy, easy to digest and readily usable resource; and it’s for anyone striving for the elusive work/life balance and success on their own terms.

Virtual Book Tour

The Virtual Book Tour for Working From Home & Making It Work will be announced soon. A Virtual Book Tour is a great tool to share your message with others via guest blogs and radio interviews. I’m curious and excited about the opportunity, as it will be my first one – there will be approximately ten stops and I invite you to follow along. If you’d like to be notified of the upcoming dates for the tour, please email me personally and I’ll be sure to add you to our list. Also, as they happen, we’ll be posting the links on one or both of our websites,  www.ICPublishing.ca and www.InsightfulCommunications.ca.

Although my focus will be blogging on other sites for the short term, please don’t hesitate to let me know if there are specific questions or topics you would like to have addressed here at I C Publishing. We are happy to do so. The publishing industry is in a bit of a flux these days, and our ongoing goal is to offer a fresh perspective – meet you where you’re at and clear some of the fog… 🙂

I’d love your feedback! And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog as well via the commentluv feature here on the site.

Warmest regards,