10181681_sWhile we’re still on the topic of marketing, I thought September would be an especially good month to add a few more tips, insights and reminders for all you Business Owners and Authors out there!

For Business Owners and Authors:

  • Make your social media presence a priority. Keep your intended audience in mind and provide pertinent information/encouragement in your posts. Share and support colleagues who also post relevant articles and engaging info—and they will more likely think of sharing your info too.
    • LinkedIn is geared towards “business to business”. Facebook is “business to consumer” for the most part. Both are great platforms, depending on your target audience.
    • YouTube is another good tool for sharing your expertise and unique style/personality and delivery.
    • Blog regularly, weekly at a minimum when your goal is to introduce something new and/or increase your following and influence.
    • Newsletters are a great way to share info and expand your reach as well. Be consistent, whether it is a seasonal message you send out, or a monthly or weekly one. Offering something of value for new sign-ups has merit (book authors could offer a free chapter or two of their newest book (pre-release or new release); business owners might have a hands-on assessment tool that would be useful to promote as a giveaway).

For Authors:

In addition to the tips above, here are a few other ideas:

  • Virtual book tours and/or blogging and guest blogging on your area of knowledge (as it specifically relates to your book/story) are great ways to get in front of new prospects that may be very interested in what you have to say.
    • This can apply to pre-marketing before your book release, and any time you want to create more buzz for your book and/or work, at the same time increasing traffic to your website.
    • I would reiterate Tammy’s note about the importance of seeking reputable and relate-able sites to pitch your expertise to.
    • Plan ahead when thinking of a book launch or client appreciation-type event—and plan, plan, plan and invite/engage and promote even more!
      • Remember again to focus on your target audience (and people who have connections to the same).
      • Schedule book signings and talks well in advance, so for those venues and events that are open to the public you can promote well in advance too.
      • Expand your reach and influence with a strong and targeted e-database of 1,000 or more. For social media, pick at least one platform to shine and build you/your brand with followers in the thousands (not mere hundreds). This doesn’t mean that you should follow everyone that follows you. It is definitely important to be discerning and strategic here, so you can more closely track important conversations and make meaningful connections. Be personal, authentic, and yes, there’s that word again—consistent. When hiring people to assist you in any capacity, especially your content/message, be selective and sure they speak your language well and you have a good game-plan to execute.

No need to be overwhelmed. Start somewhere. Evaluate your needs. Consult with experts if not your strong suit. Prioritize and implement.

We are all a work in progress. Know your “why” and stay the course, and you will achieve the meaningful success you desire for yourself and many others.

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Happy harvesting this season!

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