Serendipity at its best; with spring in the air and proverbial pen in hand, many have been asking for more tips on the book writing process. No sooner did I slot in time to create another blog and possible webinar on the subject, my lovely colleague, Carly (Charlotte) Ottaway, invited me to take part in “My Writing Process” Blog Tour. It’s a great twist on the I C Publishing Author Interviews, as well as the Virtual Book Tours we do where authors guest-post about their passion and area of expertise as it pertains to their book.

Virtual tours provide an excellent opportunity to connect with a broader audience, and encourage some very meaningful conversation.  On this tour you will get to enjoy reading about other inspiring writers as they generously and courageously share about their craft.

At the end of each of our posts, we will provide you with the next blogs that are scheduled. First, be sure to check out Carly’s blog from last week. She is a creative non-fiction writer and small business blogger published in Canadian publications such as Zoomer and The Globe and Mail.

So, here goes, a little bit about my writing process:

1) What am I working on?

Besides overseeing my own clients’ book projects from birth, design and editing, to finished product, a lot of my own writing is currently focused around our social media and blog content.

The whole social media thing has been a learning curve for most of us. Passionately believing in the value of connecting with others in a meaningful way, it’s been important for me to figure out how to translate what I knew and did well conventionally via email, in person, and phone, into sound bites, pictures and videos.

I’m a writer, rarely at a loss for words—how hard can it be 🙂 ? There’s that question again. Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the quote that suggests the more time you have the better you can write/edit and refine your message into fewer words. Conversely, the less time you have the more likely you will write much more content (not necessarily better or worse, just more).

Because I now devote a little bit of time almost every day, and prepare content weekly, I am making a lot of progress—to the tune of 3,000 more hits on my website just last month! I find planning ahead with social media posts and blog content maximizes my creativity and time much better.

On a separate and more personal note, My Grandmother’s Laugh is calling my name. The shell of the manuscript has been created; the rest is still in my head. It will soon be time to pull all the pieces together and publish my third book. And I am excited about the new seasons and cottage days ahead.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think most writers are unique in their own right. We all have a story to tell, something that resonates deep within us. My writing is usually non-fiction based on real life and business experience. When I learn something, it infuses into my work and writing almost instantly. Whether I am working one-to-one with an author or business client, or sharing my insights and expertise on paper or computer screen, it’s just a conversation, sharing something that is intended to support, encourage or guide that person in the way they need it most.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I allude to this above. Life and learning offer us so much to write about. I love to help others on their journey, and I am moved by the power of the written word and the emotion and confidence it can stir in others.

A mentor of mine once shared, if you were given a deliciously decadent box of chocolate truffles (pick your treat), you wouldn’t keep them to yourself would you? No, you would share. That’s how I see life. Be kind. Listen. Learn. Share . . . Oh yes, and write!

4) How does my writing process work?

For the most part, it’s pretty simple. I get clear about my message, and sub-messages or stories.

When writing a book, l often take a big picture approach at the very beginning; creating a working title, sub-title, and table of contents, and often my message to the reader. I will also write or sketch this out visually. This helps me get into the zone, and keeps me focused as I get deeper into the project.

A little bit of structure goes a long way in helping you maintain creativity throughout your writing process.

Occasionally too, I will step back from the project to look at it as a whole. This affords me the opportunity to notice and make any necessary adjustments, and at the same time reinforce my progress.

My writing process for social media includes looking at what messages will support my goals in the coming week(s), what events are coming up that I want to let others know about, who do I want to stay connected with and support in their endeavours, and so on.

On that note too, my next blog will elaborate on Non-Tech Social Media Tips for Authors and Business Owners. If you haven’t already, you can sign up here to receive it as soon as it is published. It is scheduled for the week of April 22nd.

Before then though, be sure to check out these wonderful writers next Mon, April 14th, as they share with us a glimpse of their writing process:

  • Anita Heidema is a motivated and successful entrepreneur, hard-working single mom, loving caregiver, health awareness advocate—and  founder of the YIJ Group Inc., Success Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Inspirational Travel Specialist, and new author of Vitality Knocks – Short Stories to Enrich Your Soul (Autumn 2014). Check out her new blog here.
  • Andrea Sevsek is a holistic nutritionist, enthusiastic writer and speaker, with a mission to shine the spotlight on real, good quality, unadulterated, authentic foods—to reveal the pretenders for what they really are, life force vampires. She encourages and empowers others to be lifelong students of their own health. You can follow Andrea’s blog by clicking here.
  • Linda Ferguson is curious about how people make the choices and connections that build a life well-lived. Her publications include Shiftwork (distributed exclusively by I C Publishing) and Living Your Purpose (available May 2014). Linda is the Senior Partner at NLP Canada Training and offers perspectives on chance and choice in her blog, ntgr8.

Thanks so much for following I C Publishing and The Writing Process Blog Tour. As always, please feel free to share with friends and colleagues, and join in the conversation using the comments section below or by emailing me directly.

Here’s to your brand of creativity and writing successes!

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