High praises for authors, Kathleen Redmond and Jenn Pike, and their respective books, Communicating in a Character Culture, and The Simplicity Project. Not only have they authored two books with I C Publishing, Kathleen has published a total of four books sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise, and Jenn is well on her way to doing the same.

Kathleen speaks with considerable and easy-to-understand wisdom on achieving a healthy and sustainable workplace environment. Jenn passionately shares on one’s personal path to wellness with straight talk on food choices, holistic modalities, and body movement.

I know I speak for the entire I C Publishing team when I say how honoured we are to work with such hard-working, kind, committed individuals. Our clients are truly the best.

To celebrate their continued success, we invite you to enjoy the following book reviews, and if you are so moved, please share with your friends and colleagues.

Communicating_in_a_Character_Culture_coverCommunicating in a Character Culture ~ with Tact, Integrity, and Courage in the Workplace is a beautifully written manual that tackles some of the underlying interpersonal issues impeding success in organizations across North America.

Author Kathleen Redmond shares her own experience and provides a fascinating glimpse into a thriving resort business, pealing back the layers of proprietorship and operation, revealing the challenges and triumphs of a loveable team of employees as they learn to function optimally as a community.

The La Maison du Parc Series reads like the “Celestine Prophecy” or “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” It’s an adventure tale full of rich, vivid dialogues, and imagery. At other times, from the pages emerge scenes reminiscent of “Faulty-Towers” or “Newhart” and yet the work stays grounded in relevant and fascinating information that guides each reader to a fundamental understanding of how organizational team members can work to maximize prosperity.

We see the growth of the main character, Claire, as she contemplates the new norms she discovers through a series of powerful mentorships and working relationships and we marvel as she faces the challenge to raise the business she inherited to a higher level of functionality and profitability.

University of Guelph PhD Candidate, Joshua Leblanc, from the College of Business and Economics Management, joins Redmond mid-stream to finalize research and practice, embedding the insights Redmond gains from many sources into a simple and comprehensive program rooted in application.

Culturally, we have acknowledged that cooperative, inclusive organizations create scenarios for success, but we are barely breaking ground to making this collective ambition a reality. Redmond answers that call whole-heartedly, contributing an organizational map that can be called on as we harvest the fruits of that possibility.

Rich, tangible backdrops and real life scenarios make for an impressive fabric upon which the author casts her web of relevant and practical tools for organizational change. Communicating in a Character Culture is a must read for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and all who are working on working together.

The_Simplicity_ProjectThe Second Edition of The Simplicity Project by Jenn Pike is just what it claims to be: “A simple, no non-sense approach to loosing weight and changing your body forever.” Yet it’s so much more than that, it is an intelligent, comprehensive guide to knowing and loving your body nutritiously.

Pike lays down an ethos for feeling good and living well that she has developed through her vast personal experience and extensive study. The Simplicity Project is a no holds barred ‘tell all’ of diet and digestion; a “what’s what” of how to make it or break it in the self-care realm.

The beauty of The Simplicity Project, aside from showcasing Pike’s wisdom, humour, and enthusiasm is that it changes your thinking. The book allows each reader to come to understand how we interact with what we put in our bodies. It lets us know the results of our decisions so that when we are at the grocery store, we can make healthier, more conscious choices.

While The Simplicity Project can’t do the leg work for you, it does equip the reader with an arsenal of tools; fascinating experiments, useful tips and a real, sweet, sincere motivational style that makes the difficult journey to improving health and feeling good more enjoyable.

Pike integrates concepts such as healthy living and eating well with self-development and self-discovery and the book unlocks a very powerful formula for achieving results that benefit body and soul.

Jenn’s hilarious. I fell into sporadic bouts of laughter as I read. She takes the sting out of body image and exercise by putting it bluntly and speaking in a conversational tone that is easy to relate to. She makes it clear that she has been there and that we are all in this together.

Conventional wisdom says that it takes 21 days to change a habit, give or take, let this book be your go to when things get tough and you need to keep going. Just being inundated with Jenn Pike’s high, happy consciousness will help you stimulate the energy required to motivate positive change.

Special thanks to I C Publishing’s, Sarah Newton, for her love of words and skill in penning them—thought-filled book reviews for our worthy authors. I greatly appreciate you and the rest of our team immensely.

Be inspired and believe in all your possibilities.

And let us know how we can guide or support your journey as a writer.


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