What is your ripple effect, your impact, going to be in 2016—on the home, community, and work front?

The value of assessing progress and process, followed by the smallest of consistent, incremental changes, can equal significant results . . .

At the beginning of each year, and often each season, I evaluate what’s working and what changes I want or need to make.

In business, I look at costs in time and dollars, as well as the less tangible factors like the effectiveness of our social media strategies and engagement, and how to increase visitors to our blog and website. I consider who else might be helpful to add to our team, to provide new expertise and offerings to our clients. And yes, I also think about my changing needs, to support my ongoing learning and growth, and ensure I have the back-up resources I require.

For example, did you know that even writers and editors have other writers and editors they count on and call to assist them at times? What about the administrative things you know how to do, but are finding yourself too busy to keep up with? Perhaps too, you’re at a stage where you really should be doing more of what you’re good at. That’s definitely where hiring or expanding your support team comes in.

Many companies like I C Publishing, as well as individual business owners, are happy to help you assess your needs and create a monthly budget that works for you. Think about it. If you knew you could pay someone even a $100 to $200 month (or more, as finances allow) and:

  • Your blogs would be proofread, edited, or even written if necessary.
  • You’d have an objective and expert sounding board on everyday issues, and/or a fresh set of eyes on marketing material.
  • You could get help with planning your social media content. 

How would that free you up? How would that improve your professional image? What more could you do to grow your business? You dictate the time and budget, equal to the level of support you want.

What if you’re an author? Wouldn’t it be helpful to get quality feedback on your manuscript and customized support and guidance where you need it the most?

I’ve always loved words and meaningful conversation; however, I’ve had to learn the art of asking, even when I didn’t know where to begin. I’ve realized the importance of communicating what I want to have happen, even if that’s a starting point to work back from to determine how best to achieve it.

As for the home front for me in 2016, there’s always balancing self-care with family care, healthy eating, and a whole host of other areas, as I’m sure you can relate to. I look forward to reading more, enjoying nature, R & R and working from cottage, quality time with family (all four generations), and even checking an item or two off my proverbial bucket list this year! Sounds bold? Perhaps, but all in good timing!

When it comes to community, to some degree, I’ve always been involved in fundraising, not-for-profit events, and offering my support wherever I can. True, there are times in our life that our schedules are a little more flexible; however, there are so many small things we can do to help make someone else’s life a little easier. Each year, I choose at least one area of focus, or if smaller endeavours, maybe a couple.

I’m so honoured to be a part of the Community Advisory Council for York Housing & Support Services (providing the daily management of Belinda’s Place and Sutton Youth Shelter). Although my active participation has varied over the years due to work and family obligations, we have lots planned in 2016 to substantially increase the ripple effect of the amazing work that is being done every single hour of every day on the front lines.

And, I C Publishing has chosen to sponsor Portraits of Giving, an incredible project founded by Karen Merk Photography, to celebrate the philanthropic richness in our greater York Region community.

What about you?

Sheri Andrunyk


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