Process & Purpose by New Author, Adele Spraggon (Part 1 of 2)

Adele’s years of research, invaluable personal experience, and asking the right questions, have given virtual bloom to a timely technique, blending eastern wisdom with a western approach. Although this book focuses on weight loss, the amazing philosophy behind its approach will draw you in as you discover how it can be applied to so many areas of your life. It will definitely make believers of the skeptics . . . finally.

10 Ways to Take the Next Steps! – Sharing our Work and Stories

Then as quickly and as passionately do those thoughts arise, we also experience ones of self-doubt, second-guessing ourselves at every turn. ‘Not to mention that if we waited for everyone’s approval and confidence we thought mattered, we would be waiting an eternity. I have come to realize that this is selfish. Yes, selfish, because there are likely people who need to hear from YOU now, to be changed, encouraged and influenced by your story, your compassion and your journey . . . NOW.

Everyone Has A Story

She called it Partner Publishing (not self-publishing, not vanity publishing and not traditional publishing). That made sense to me, since it has been my intention all along to partner with inspiring individuals who were ready to tell their story and wanted someone to help them do it … while keeping the control in their hands and more money in their pockets.

Live A Life That Matters

It’s been quite the year of growth and learning, and I couldn’t think of a better message to wrap up 2012 than Live A Life That Matters.

Thanks for your ongoing support and patience these past couple of months, especially while we were busy expanding the I C Bookstore on-line and launching the Virtual Book Tour for my next book, Working From Home & Making It Work©.