Everyone Has A Story

bigstock-Two-Women-On-A-Path-248605aEveryone has a story. What’s yours? For most of us, whether our story is about transforming life experiences, knowledge in business, or the journey of our evolving careers and the work we do—it’s usually about “sharing” our story, and what we’ve learned along the way, to help someone on a similar path as our own.

Well, I’ve been on a very interesting path these past couple of years, so let me tell you a bit about my story, since starting I C Publishing.

You might know some of this, but stay with me. A lot has happened since self-publishing my first book, Hearts Linked by Courage.

When I started I C Publishing, my vision was to provide support services to authors looking to self-publish, since I had learned so much in my own process. It was a natural segue in my work as a small business consultant and writer. But it didn’t take long before I received requests to produce others under our umbrella.

So, we did as much research as we could to understand what was happening in the publishing world, from self-publishing to traditional, and everything in between. What we’ve found is that much has changed in the industry in the last few years, and it continues to—to the point, it was hard to know where we fit initially.

That said I knew there was a need to fill, and since growing three other businesses quite successfully, I decided to keep exploring … and customizing the services and support we knew we could provide, while looking for ways to add more assistance to those authors who wanted what we had to offer.

My assistant, my lead co-editor and myself, have searched the net, read books on the subject and related content, attended seminars and listened to seasoned and new speakers on various platforms. The insights and opinions vary considerably, but there was one speaker that shed a little more light on helping me (for now anyway) know where we fit. That speaker was Cynthia Good, Director of the Creative Book Publishing program at Humber College and former President and Publisher of Penguin Books.

She called it Partner Publishing (not self-publishing, not vanity publishing and not traditional publishing). That made sense to me, since it has been my intention all along to partner with inspiring individuals who were ready to tell their story and wanted someone to help them do it … while keeping the control in their hands and more money in their pockets.

Yes, there are services to pay for (almost regardless of which avenue you take to produce and publish your book), like editing, proof-reading, consulting, noting references and citations, sourcing permissions if required, cover design, inside design, typesetting, printing, electronic conversions and more … and there are “add values” like an on-line bookstore, fulfilment, collaborative events and book signings, extended networks, local and social media marketing and sourcing to get the best services at the best possible prices.

About our editing services, one author said how she was pleased her book still sounded like “her”, only better.

Another new author spoke to how happy she was to learn of printing pricings we could provide her with through our connections, and that she also could buy her own stock, and make full profit on sales made directly through her own work projects and opportunities.

Another gentleman commented that it was extremely helpful to have us manage his project from start to finish, and valued all the information he gained from just one conversation he had with us—before we had even confirmed if/what the next steps might be in our relationship.

And yet another two appreciated how flexible and customized we could make our services, given that they had already completed some of the steps, and now wanted us to review and complete the rest on their behalf.

So, that’s our story for now, a good part of it anyway.

What I hope you gain from this blog is encouragement to tell your story. Search out the knowledge and support you need, ask lots of questions; and although things are bound to continually evolve and change, also know that there are answers and people available to assist and serve you when you’re ready.

In the meantime, I’d love your feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog if you have one, via the commentluv feature here on the site.

Here’s to you and your story!



Insightful Communications (I C) PublishingYork Region’s Premiere Publishing Company

In an industry that is experiencing a significant shift, I C Publishing offers a fresh perspective. We serve primarily (but are not limited to) the non-fiction writer whose intent it is to share meaningful and moving messages from their own personal or professional experiences – to encourage and enlighten the reader. I C Publishing is committed to quality content, meeting the author where they’re at, and providing the necessary services to help bring their work to life – keeping at the forefront their unique voice and style of writing.

We provide the following services and more: Writing and Independent Publishing Services including One-on-One Consulting, Manuscript Evaluation, Editing, Proof-Reading, Project Management, Full Design Work, Electronic & Print (POD & Press), Self-Publishing Support & Guidance, Virtual Book Tours, Video Book Trailers, Shopping Cart, Post-Production Services, Media Kits, etc. Also Query Letters, Support & Submissions for Authors seeking Traditional Publishing.



  1. Hi Sheri,

    Thank you for writing this post. I am grappling with the “what and how” I am to take my story – my experiences, challenges and breakthroughs, to help inspire and encourage others on how to leverage their shame, helplessness and pain into catalysts for unprecedented growth, passion, purpose, contribution and fulfillment.

    I know this means being vulnerable and that can seem frightening. However, I want to move forward, I desire to create an environment where people can discover their Voice – the uniqueness of who they are together with the deep understanding that we are One.

    Writing blogs, short non-fiction books, ebooks, creating audio and DVD programs, public speaking and life coaching are all areas that I am very interested in embracing and moving toward.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.


    Carl Feddema

    • Dear Carl,
      Thank you very much for your post. I appreciate where you are coming from and admire the honesty and compassion you express through your writing.
      I would love to comment more here; however, I have a loved one who is in her last days, and my family and I are spending as much time with her as possible.
      I thank you in advance for your patience, and I promise to give a more thoughtful and thorough response very soon. You brought up some very good points that I look forward to expanding on.
      Please be encouraged and know that the next steps of our journey always surface in perfect timing, and I am sure you will continue to be a conduit for healing and meaningful growth and success for many.
      Warmest regards,
      p.s. Carl, please feel free to connect with me personally by email as well, at sheri@icpublishing.ca.

  2. Hi Sheri,
    I am a new follower of your blog, having been recently directed to your website by a friend. I truly enjoyed reading this post as it gave me a better understanding of Partner Publishing and what your company is all about.
    I have recently finished writing an adult fiction novel (a drama/suspense genre) and I am wondering what my next steps might be. I took a quick peek at the IC Bookstore but I didn’t see any Fiction novels there. Are fiction novels an area which your company deals with?
    I write a weekly blog at http://www.writingfortheloveofit.wordpress.com. I like to think of it as my life perspective put into words.
    Your website is beautiful and full of great information. I am glad that I was directed to it!
    Thank you for your time,
    Kim 🙂

    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m especially glad to hear that you found the info we’ve provided very helpful.

      Congratulations on your writing journey as well. Great blog.

      As far as the genre of books we typically consider, you’re correct, we do work with a lot of non-fiction authors. That said, some of our titles, even in business include a fictional story to deepen the reader’s experience and learning. So we are open to looking at most titles on their own merit. If we feel the work is of good quality and determine that we can serve the author well with our areas of expertise and resources, that’s great. Otherwise, with our growing network of industry experts, we can also refer the author to another individual or company that may be able to serve them better.
      In answer to your question regarding your next steps, I can certainly elaborate further by phone or email; however, here are a few quick first steps:

      1) Decide what publishing route you wish to take (i.e. self-publishing, partner publishing or legacy (traditional) publishing).
      2) Submit your manuscript for consideration and/or evaluation, depending on your choice above.
      3) Give some thought to who your target audience is and what your goals are with respect to your book.
      4) When you’re ready, trust yourself and select/hire people to work with that believe in you and your work as much as you do.

      In closing, I just ran a free webinar on the Path of an Author. Here is the direct link on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR-YK_JDZF4 and you will be able to refer back to it on my website soon as well.

      Feel free to email me directly with any other questions you might have. As well, if you like, I’d be happy to take a quick look at your manuscript and provide you our initial thoughts and recommendations.

      Wishing you continued and meaningful success,

      p.s. If you decide to go the traditional publishing route, my assistant can help you with the process of preparing your manuscript, including the sourcing and specific requirements of applicable publishing houses.


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