bigstock-Thinking-8105664In last week’s blog post, we spoke about some of the roadblocks of putting pen to paper and making progress on our goals in general.  I also shared some great tools and insights on how to overcome those challenges, change the tide and make your dreams a reality.  This week, we’ll talk about how to get into your ideal state of creativity. I have one very powerful exercise to teach you called Mapping!  Read on.

There are many ways you can CREATE YOUR IDEAL STATE – of laser focus, confidence, clarity, empowerment and more!  In this blog, we’re going to concentrate on helping you to access and create your ideal state of CREATIVITY!

  • I encourage you to be mindful of your inner dialogue.  When you think ‘you can’t do something’ or ‘that won’t work’ – ask yourself, ‘What if that was possible, and What if I could…?’!  As you start to train yourself in this new way of thinking, I like to call it Solution Thinking; you will come up with better answers and options for yourself.
  • When it comes to ‘Getting Into and Staying In the Creative Zone’ – it is ideal to develop your own space in your home or office and fill it with all that inspires you!  Walking into this room or area can affect your state of mind almost instantly.  You can also meditate and / or journal about what you want to write – for added clarity, focus or inspiration.
  • Then there’s Mapping Your Ideal States – another *NLP term.  In practicing this technique with clients and using it myself, I have found it to be a truly amazing experience.  Working with a Practitioner does allow you to go deeper with this exercise to access even more resources; yet it is still often quite transformational when you learn and practice it yourself.

Are you ready?  Get comfy in your chair…

All you need to do, is think (or write) of a time in your life when you were highly creative and everything was exactly the way you wanted it to be: Step into this experience as if it was happening right nowImagine your thoughts and words flowing perfectly …  Notice everything you can about this time, how you felt …  what your physiology was like, your breathing, your energy … what sounds and visuals you noticed that might be useful to you as you remember …

When you are recalling a time, keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be a grandiose moment to have significant meaning or impact for you.  Trust that what comes to you first, is likely the one that will be most useful for you to ‘map’.  Remember, you can always repeat this – and actually, you ought to for practice of course! 

Journaling through this exercise can also help you anchor the powerful memories and thoughts that come to mind!

Now, after even a few minutes, notice what is different about how you feel?

The more that you access this experience and imagine it as if it was happening right at this moment  – the more you will see and value its use when you want to BE CREATIVE NOW!

‘Here’s to your creativity and more new successes in the making! I’d love your feedback on how this works for you! Here on my blog, you’ll get commentluv. This is an ideal opportunity to leave a link back to your own blog when you leave feedback.

Until next time,


*Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has its roots in psychology, and is a fascinating study of how we think and communicate, verbally and non-verbally – and how we can reinforce and/or reprogram our patterns of behaviour to help us lead more fulfilling and successful lives.