bigstock-Ladder-into-sky-45069067I’m extra excited about the content of this blog and next week’s, since I believe these are some of the real secrets to helping people move into action and manifest their dreamswhether creating the content for your first book and/or next, developing a new product, program or service … or making changes to have a healthier, happier relationship!  We all have things that we aspire to creating; however, life can get in the way.  Why is this?  I suspect your answer might be because you’re too busy, the office needs you, the family needs you … and well, you do need to sleep, right?! [smile]

True enough, some of these reasons might be the cause of our immobility at times, although they can also mask the real reasons for not taking the steps we could be embracing ‘right now’!  Would you agree?

Perhaps you feel fear about the unknowns?  Perhaps you lack the confidence?  With all that you have going on in your life; you could find it hard to get into the right frame mind to ‘create’even though you want to?

Well, I have something profoundly simple and ‘hope-filled’ to share with you!  There are ways that you can overcome your fears and insecurities!

Keeping in mind, there are always more factors than one can write in a blog; what I am sharing can have an incredible impact on what’s next for you in your life – when you are ready!

Let’s get started:

Clarity – It is important that whatever your goal, you are clear about what it is (with detail) and what it isn’t – allow time to dream and think of all the possibilities.  Also be sure that this is something you truly desire – and that it is your goal, not someone else’s goal for you.

Another piece of wisdom to impart: be sure you have done your homework, acknowledge what you know and what you don’t – and research / access the appropriate resources and people to support you.

As you move through this process, you will gain more clarity, confidence and focus – and experience much less fear, as a rule.  That said, depending on how big your goal is; there is a certain kind of fear, anxiety or excitement (better called a growing edge, which you simply need to ‘grow’ through with the help of those around you).

And remember the bigger the goal, the bigger the rewards!

I encourage you to notice the synchronicities that start to happen around you too!  A great example of this was during and after I wrote my book, Hearts Linked by Courage, and decided to start I C Publishing to fill a need in our local and national community.  At every turn, I was hearing about or meeting others who were writing, self-publishing, wanting to be published and seeking the support that I had been previously looking for!

Ecology Checks – In my own ongoing personal development journey, I learned the skill of filtering information and input from others – in order to recognize what was / is most helpful to ‘me’ in any given situation.  When I started exploring the study of neuro-linguistics*, I found another tool.  It made instant sense to me – and I believe it is something that I’ve done at a sub-conscious level all my life.

Most simply put, Ecology Checks are questions you ask yourself about the ripple effect of your choices and decisions.  How will your circumstances change?  How will others be affected?  Are you good with the way things will likely play out – or do you need to consider any adjustments to make it more the way you want it to be?

When I became more consciously aware of using this technique, I found it even easier to make choices and decisions – TAKE THE NEXT STEPS and CREATE MY IDEAL OUTCOMES – as I’m sure you will too.

Once you’ve implemented the above as needed, you’ll want to read next’s week’s blog about how to ‘get into your ideal state of creativity’ and more!

I’d love your feedback! Here on this blog, you’ll get commentluv.  This is a wonderful opportunity to leave a link back to your own blog when you leave a comment.

‘Here’s to living your ideal life and manifesting your amazing dreams!


*Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has its roots in psychology, and is a fascinating study of how we think and communicate, verbally and non-verbally – and how we can reinforce and/or reprogram our patterns of behaviour to help us lead more fulfilling and successful lives.