The value of having a professional writer on your team can be immensely useful, time-saving, and revenue-generating.

Think of those times when you agonized over the right words to put in an email, important memo, or cover letter. How helpful would it be to have an extra set of eyes and fresh input that in some cases might just take a few minutes?

What about when it comes time to update content on your website, or write your next blog, magazine article, keynote, or book for that matter?

Like other industries, professional writers have an array of different specialties, from polished business writing and excellent proofreading, to strong skills in research, marketing, and much more.

Have you ever read something that had a lot of spelling errors in it? Perhaps it was hard to follow due to lack of sentence structure or fluidity; however, you knew there was a good message there.

Have you ever made a decision to hire or refer someone, or not, based on how they presented themselves online or in print?

Of course, it’s great when we can take people at face value and see beyond the many distractions that can exist. That said, sometimes, I’m really thankful when a person has come recommended to me or I’ve had an opportunity to get to know them outside of their online footprint (or lack of).

First impressions do matter. Our message, including how we communicate, ought to be as consistent and impactful as possible. There’s a lot of chatter out there, and somehow our voice has to be heard and felt in a lasting and meaningful way. That’s why many of us consult and often hire others whose expertise is different than ours. For example, most of us rely on the technical knowledge and creative strengths our website developers have.

We also work with coaches in areas where we want more insights and results, both professionally and personally.

What is your message online and in print? Is it in alignment with who you are and what’s unique about your offerings? Does it need perfecting? If so, do you have the time or necessary skill to make it happen?

Perhaps you would benefit from having a professional writer on your team. These kinds of services can be easily sub-contracted and customized according to your needs and budget, similar to the way you might work with a virtual assistant.

In some cases, a higher level of support, including an individual’s or company’s business and marketing acumen and resources, adds even more value and mentoring to this service. You choose.

We have a wonderful and diverse writing and editing team here at I C Publishing, so please feel confident that you can reach out to us with any questions you might have.

Words are our specialty!

Warmest regards,

Sheri Andrunyk

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