It continues to be a very busy time at I C Publishing, so I thought I would squeeze in this post while I had a moment; it’s called Process to Prosperity, and it actually links to three articles I wrote recently and shared on my LinkedIn profile. I work daily with author and coaching clients, and the fundamentals of success remain the same in many ways.  I’ve included a few excerpts from each of the series’ segments, Staying Power, Daily Disciplines, and Recalibrate, so you can read all three or pick the one that resonate most for where you’re at. Enjoy.


The beginning of the year often starts with great new goals, a sure-fire plan, and much excitement for all the possibilities it holds. It can also be a time where amazing, well thought-out ideas and action steps can fizzle out just as quickly. Why is this? We’ve done our homework, we’re well prepared . . .

Well, if you look a little closer and ask yourself a few questions, different ones than you have in the past, I can assure you the light will start to shine on the answers.

For example, what are your thoughts when an obstacle or distraction first surfaces? Do you think to yourself that you just need to try a little harder, or allow yourself to indulge in the distraction and begin again the next day? Neither is wrong necessarily, however, it’s important to assess, especially if you feel you are losing ground on the things you say you want to do and accomplish . . .business-idea-1240831_1280

Check out these helpful insights which can go a long way in ensuring you maintain the staying power needed to ride the tide of wins and losses . . . Here is the direct link.


. . . Like most, you may have periodic moments of hesitation and second guessing, especially when unexpected delays and challenges surface. As diligently as we try to factor these things into our planning and strategizing, there are times when we are simply meant to stop, regroup, and begin again.

Using my N.E.A.R. approach can help:

  • Notice what the interruption or distraction is, and ask yourself if/what you’re meant to address, deal with, and/or learn at this moment.
  • Evaluate new opportunities to determine if/how they fit into your current game plan. Think big picture.
  • Assess whether you need to make any adjustments to your plan to keep you on track.
  • Remind yourself of your goals and your “whys,” and passionately recommit to your next steps.

. . . Also remind yourself that:

  • It is healthy to explore your edges and reach beyond your comfort zone; it’s the way we all expand our thinking, our knowledge base, our confidence, and capacity for success.
  • To the extent you can feel anxious or even afraid in one moment; you can experience the opposite positive emotions to the same or similar degree, such as profound joy and accomplishment.

Any time is a good time for solidifying really good habits, or daily disciplines as I like to call them, to ensure that you are growing your business on a strong foundation. This includes building an author platform, and also means tending to all parts of your life, professionally and personally . . .

For the full article, including six daily disciplines for business, and six for life, click here.


March signifies the end of the first quarter of the calendar year, a wise time to recalibrate, to look at the big picture in more detail again. Evaluate whether you’re on track for your yearly projections, and plan any adjustments that might need to be made.

hand-895588_1280 - CopyMany businesses enjoy their best months in the second quarter, the spring of the year. However, it’s also a time when, without a game plan, you can run yourself into the ground, disappoint clients with time delays, and ultimately lose momentum that could otherwise lead you into your best third quarter you’ve ever experienced . . .

Remember, growth is essential for all businesses, yet so is the fluidity and foundation you’re building your company on, including exceptional communication and customer service.

We all love acquiring new clients; you just don’t want it to be at the expense of losing your existing clientele because you haven’t factored in the added time and support necessary to sustain both long-term. Strive for this balance and you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds . . .

Successful individuals resist allowing thoughts of impatience to creep in and water down their deserving results, and remain committed to a life of learning and creating new opportunities. Here’s the full article.

More author interviews and mini-news features coming soon, so stay tuned.

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