Stories and Lessons from My Father’s Life by author, Mark Pezzelato, is a collection of true and beautifully written short stories.

Mark thoughtfully shares the struggles and lessons his father experienced in order to begin a new life Adobe Photoshop PDFof freedom and happiness for the future generations of his family. For his father, failure was not an option and because of this, he was able to push through the barriers where most people would have stopped. There is much to relate to in this little book of great wisdom.

Mark himself is wise and compassionate beyond his years. The heart he puts into each and every word he writes honours his father, family, and his heritage in an inspiring way, and engages the reader from beginning to end.

Here is a snippet of the meaningful conversations I’ve had with Mark:

What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve been blessed as being first generation Canadian. My dad was born and raised in Italy. After I graduated college he took me on a trip to our homeland to show me where he grew up and the kind of life he lived. I found it so inspiring, and so unique. I thought it would make a great book, realizing there were a lot of people who did the same thing he did in 1956.

What do you want others to gain from your book?

I want people to be inspired by the stories and lessons they find in this book. My dad had such a difficult life, moving to Canada and starting his career. I feel his story has the ability to lift the spirits of anyone, no matter what life situation they might find themselves in.

What was your creative process for this project and why did you choose the storytelling format you used?

I started by interviewing my dad. I’d film him and take notes at the same time. We did about ten sessions, each an hour or more. Out of these sessions I had an outline for the book. I decided to divide the book into short stories as it seemed to flow better. In this way, I was able to capture the essence of his life, while adding my own touch by providing an author’s commentary at the end of each story.

Mark PezzelatoWhat’s next for you as an author?

I am a meditator, and what I’ve noticed from my practice is that I’ve become more focused and efficient, even though I dedicate less time to work and more time to sitting and leisure. Given this, my next book will be called Doing Less to Accomplish More. It will be a short book which I think will be very useful and encouraging for the reader.

In closing, it is very evident that in all of Mark’s non-fiction writing he cares deeply about helping others through his own life experience as well.

Stories and Lessons from My Father’s Life will have you feeling many emotions—you’ll be motivated and inspired—and you just might appreciate your loved ones a little more, reflecting on what we can learn and how we can help one another when we look at life through a fresh lens. Mark gives us this opportunity in Stories and Lessons, and we are proud to be his publisher.

Stories and Lessons from My Father’s Life will make a wonderful gift to give at any time of the year, and especially at Father’s Day coming up in June. You can find it in the I C Bookstore now. It is available in special edition paperback, e-book (PDF), and in audio as well!

I am happy to announce that Mark has also joined the I C Publishing team bringing his expertise in audio book and video production. Check out the introductory video Mark did for us, featured here on our About Page.

I trust that by us sharing our author interviews, you’ll be curious as a reader and encouraged as a writer in all that is possible when you are ready to tell your stories or teach what you have learned.

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