Why might you want to write a book? Most will agree they have at least one book in them. Since I have written a total of three so far, I can tell you it’s really not as daunting as it sounds, it’s actually very exciting and freeing . . . when you’re ready and you have the right support in place.

I wrote my first book, Hearts Linked by Courage, to share my own life experiences and to give others a voice as well. Things are rarely as they seem in all our lives. Hearts Linked by Courage is a collection of poignant and insightful stories by courageous individuals. Along with me, the story contributors accounted real-life difficulties when faced with cancer diagnosis, death of a loved one, abuse, and more. Their stories reflect what they learned and how it changed them and who they become in the process, which for me is the most meaningful and inspirational part of the book. As I always hoped too, Hearts Linked by Courage has now become a series, with our newest release by the Canadian Mental Health Association York and South Simcoe.

My second and third books (Working from Home & Making It Work and Do You Have a Book in You?) were written to answer questions I had at times in my professional journey as business owner, entrepreneur, and author. When you research, study, err, learn, and apply yourself to something you once felt wasn’t easy or possible to do, it seems natural to me to teach and write about it to assist others on a similar path.

So, what’s your story? Have you always dreamed of writing a book? Are you a business owner with a particular area of expertise? If so, where do you start?

  • If you don’t have a title, start there. Keep it simple. In the beginning of the creative process, we usually call this a working title, and you can always refine it later.
  • Picture a blank page with the title of your book circled at the top. As you reflect on the possible content for your book, jot down ideas on the page and circle them. Initially you can write as many ideas (aka idea bubbles) as you like; however, what you will start to see is how some of your notes will make more sense as chapters, and some fit more as a story or lesson within a chapter, etc. You may also want to draw lines connecting the main thoughts/chapters directly to your title, eventually numbering them in an order that makes sense for you. If you are like me, and a few others I know, some of those idea bubbles might end up being another book!
  • Another great way to get the juices flowing is to write the preface of your book, simply telling the reader what the book is loosely about and why you wrote it. Write it in first person with the intention to make it a personal conversation with someone who has just picked up your book, and answer the “what” and “why” for them.

This step (writing the preface) often provides some important clarity, especially when you are in the beginning of the creative process. It should also help you explore further what the ultimate purpose of your book is, which will guide you down the road when it comes to making decisions about many other aspects of your writing and publishing journey.

I personally have a couple more books in me to finish, The All Season Entrepreneur and My Grandmother’s Laugh, and perhaps a sequel to Do You Have a Book in You? For now though, my days are spent writing what I hope is interesting and useful blog, newsletter, and social media content for our growing I C Publishing audience and, of course, helping our clients write,  edit, and polish . . . and bring their amazing work and books to life! 

What about you?

Sending positive vibes and inspired creativity your way!


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