You might think you’d like to hire a ghostwriter to write your book for you, however, there’s wisdom in considering what your actual needs are first. This way, whether you decide to write your book yourself or have someone else do it for you, you’ll make a better decision overall. You will also have a better appreciation for the depth and breadth of the work you are investing in, why, and how to justify the associated costs.

Here are a few benefits to having someone write your book on your behalf:

  1. If you are a business person, perhaps fairly established or ready to take some bigger steps in your career, you may see hiring a ghostwriter as a worthwhile investment. This is especially applicable if the book you have in mind aligns with your area of expertise and experience, and you’d like to add it to your list of client offerings. Then it’s easier to translate at least some of the investment to marketing and promoting the work you do.
  2. In the event that you are very busy, and can’t seem to set aside the time to complete the writing of your manuscript, then hiring a ghostwriter could be the way to go as well.
  3. You have extra funds to invest in this process, while you continue to work and grow your company.

Keep in mind that should you wish to have someone write your book for you, the following are some of the things the ghostwriter will need to do in order to accomplish this task and do it well. This can be a very exciting journey for sure, yet even more so when you have a sense of what lies ahead.

  1. They will likely need to spend several hours interviewing you and/or going over a copious amount of your notes in order to determine the ideal layout for your book, and how best to organize the content.
  2. There will be numerous occasions set aside for conversation and/or emails, where the ghostwriter will require your input and attention in answering sometimes detailed questions, all to ensure the accuracy and quality of the end product.
  3. Then they will write, edit, and proof it (potentially involving other professionals as well, e.g. an editor and/or proof-reader), and have you review and approve throughout the process.

That said, unless you yourself are a high-paid celebrity, it might not prove as fruitful or wise to hire a ghostwriter when you’re writing a non-business book such as a novel, where your only reliance for revenue is on book sales to support the project. For example, non-fiction books, especially with a business slant, can present numerous options, i.e. individual book sales, workshop and coaching packages which include the book, and even increasing your database by offering free or special pricing online or at events.

Quoting on ghostwriting work is typically done on a project basis, or by the hour, with a range to indicate the lowest and highest estimated. It’s important to appreciate and respect that there are often unknowns until you delve deeper into a manuscript, writing or editing it for that matter; such is the reason in part that in most cases only a range can be given. Of course, some variables can be loosely determined such as size of the book, structure, estimated number of chapters, complexity of content, and level of research required. For the best possible book to emerge though, it’s vital that you stay focused on the bigger picture and remain open to the exciting creative process to ensure the outcome is everything you want it to be and more.

So, should you hire a ghostwriter? Only you know. Hopefully the above has given you a better sense of what to consider in making this decision.

Although I certainly believe in the potential and value of ghostwriting and love working with our clients in a deep and meaningful way, from an investment standpoint alone, if you are able to write your book (or at least do some of the foundational legwork), hiring a good editor is often a much more cost-effective route to go.

Either way, we’re here to help you tell your story and impart your experience and wisdom when you are ready. Are you ready? If so, reach out to us and let’s have a chat.

Here’s to the journey!


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