Is it time for you to write a new story for yourself this season and coming year? Are there some decisions you need to make, or healthy changes you want to initiate? What about volunteer work? And/or perhaps putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to write your first or next book?

All of it matters, and it’s up to you. I know these words feel laden with responsibility, yet that’s the good news too, as you always have a choice. And how awesome is it to know that you’ve chosen well! We don’t always get it right; but take a minute, and think about when you have. Allow yourself to ponder on those times and recall what it felt like; then settle deeply into those feelings as if it’s happening again—you’ve chosen well.

You’ve got this. And you’re in good company. Enjoy some quality personal time in the coming days, and meditate on what is meaningful to you. Consider what’s next, and how you wish you to continue using your gifts and talents.

Do you want to write? Just for you, or for others too?

Writing comes in so many forms and, with some thoughtfulness, it can be incredibly beneficial to the writer and the reader. Consider all the things we could write about, and how cathartic it can be; at the same time, encouraging and healing for the reader when we choose to share. There is:

  • Journaling on a daily or weekly basis to help us:
    • Process our thoughts
    • Release stuff that weighs us down
    • Brainstorm solutions to challenges we may be facing
    • Shift our mindset to a state of gratitude by writing down what we’re thankful for
  • Modelling a positive narrative in your business, community, and social media
  • Penning your first or next book to:
    • Add to your credibility in business
    • Educate and inspire your audience
    • Share your personal story of challenge and triumph to give hope to others

Sure, there are more books being written than ever before; but not yours . . . with your voice . . . and that matters. Think about it. Have you ever heard or read the same message from different people; then with one person, everything just clicked? It happens all the time.

Sometimes it’s good just to write and see where it takes you.

  • For years, I had wanted to write a book similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul©. I’ve always been so moved by those who have risen above difficulty and loss in their lives. Those stories have often lifted me up, and helped me carry on during dark times in my life. Knowing how they encouraged me, I wanted to do the same for others. In 2009, I finally pulled together the stories for my first book, Hearts Linked by Courage©; now it’s a series to support the important work of the not-for-profit sector. The point of me sharing this, in part, is that I had no idea what the impact of that first little 100-page book would have, or where it would take me professionally in such a very short time.
  • My experience writing and publishing, Working From Home and Making It Work, was a little different. In a way, I wish I had written it much sooner. For twenty years or more, I had been coaching and mentoring women in business; this book was a culmination of what I taught and what I learned during that time. Am I still glad I wrote it, even though it was amidst the birthing and building of I C Publishing? Yes, I am. I am proud of that work, and the feedback continues to be positive for those who embrace the insights and experiences I share. What else did I glean from this journey? That our writing changes over the years, including mine; but it all still matters because it’s meant to meet and encourage the reader where they’re at, and it does.
  • Last but not least, writing my most recent e-book in 2015 (Do You Have a Book in You?) has proved invaluable in my assisting authors in understanding the entire process of writing, editing, producing, and publishing a book today, not to mention all the choices available to them now. In view of this, we now also offer it as a free gift to those joining our e-mail list, as a thank-you for their interest in following our work and keeping in touch.

I have a sense there’s lots more in store for all of us in 2018, and I am looking forward to some quiet time in the coming days to pen my next chapter too. I hope you’ll join me in this, and ground yourself in positive intentions, actions, love, and kindness in all that you do. Then, together, I’m confident that our lives will have a ripple effect far beyond what we can imagine.

Wishing you a very blessed and Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah, for all those who are celebrating this special time of year, and for everyone, may you enjoy a wonderful new year filled with great health, happiness, and prosperity in all its forms.

Warmest regards and appreciation,


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