Recently, I was invited by Media Shower to contribute to their Expert Interview Series, in part to share the I C Publishing journey with their audience, and of course to elaborate on the current climate of the publishing industry as a whole. Here is an excerpt, followed by a link to the full interview/article.

What is the current climate of the publishing industry for authors right now?

It is certainly very exciting, given all the choices available to authors at the moment. However, it is also extremely confusing, since like in any industry there are good and not-so-good business models. I see a lot of industry experts communicating a one-sided perspective on what an author should do or what they shouldn’t do. Granted, I believe most are well-intended. It’s just that one article, blog, or social media post cannot give the full picture; and if you paint the industry with one brush, it contributes to the mass confusion that exists out there versus adding clarity to an author’s journey.

For those of us sharing our experience and knowledge, I believe it’s our responsibility to take a thoughtful and balanced approach to educating authors, so they can make the choice that most resonates with them.

It is almost too easy to push out a book these days, and there are many different reasons one might want to write and publish a book. As a result, it is vital that authors do their utmost to learn about and understand the path that is best for their genre, goals, and so on. As you can imagine, it can be very satisfying if you garner the right support, terribly frustrating if not.

How easy is it for aspiring authors to publish today?

Extremely easy, as mentioned above – the hard part is figuring out which path to take to make it happen. Whether we’re talking about traditional, self, or partner (also referred to as hybrid) publishing, one is not better than the other, assuming each provides a balanced and fair business model. It’s just understanding fully, as much as that’s possible, if/how each option aligns with you, your book/genre, your goals, timelines and budget, relatively speaking.

I would underscore too, that whichever direction one takes, quality content and an organized, polished, and professionally proofed manuscript always has to be at the top of the list. I have seen authors take shortcuts. When you do, you have to then think about how you and your writing will be perceived and valued by your reader.

Here is the rest of my interview by Susan Jennings of Media Shower.

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