Top 10 Tips to Working / Writing From Home & Making It Work

Well, as I near the completion of my next book, Working From Home & Making It Work, I’m putting my own words to the test. You’ll notice in most of my blogs I often relate one’s writing journey to that of an entrepreneur’s – especially since many of the qualities you need to “develop” to be successful at both are quite similar. I’ve studied and learned a lot over my 27 years as an entrepreneur, including what works and what doesn’t. Here are my top 10 tips:

The Creative Process – Sharing One’s Insights and Passions

My next book project is called, Working From Home & Making It Work ©, based on almost thirty years of experience and independent study. It’s a compilation of some of my more recent inspirational keynotes, a hands-on interactive workshop by the same name, and the individual mentoring and consulting I do with clients. I thought I would invite you on my journey as I complete the creative process and next steps to finally bringing it to fruition … and perhaps along the way offer you encouragement to put pen to paper or fingers to your keyboard, so you too can share your insights and passions with others.

Success: Know Who You Are, What You Want and Do Your Homework

If you’re a regular follower of my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I like to share content that will empower you in all areas of your life – whether you wish to be a successful writer / author, teacher, parent or business owner. I like to offer you tools that can be used again and again, as you move forward on your journey. In keeping with my last post, I have some more questions for you below.

Don’t Set Goals to Write A Book or Increase Income or Change The World?!

How would accomplishing this goal change your life, personally and professionally – for you, your family, friends, colleagues or clients? Look at all angles. Would you be happy with these changes or might it be helpful to adjust your goal slightly – to ensure that the outcomes you are striving for have a lasting and positive affect all, where possible?