Time to Reinvent Yourself in 2012?

Maybe you’re thinking about the past choices you’ve made, and the changes you’d like to incorporate in the coming weeks and months; or what new things you want to learn, explore or achieve. Not so long ago, I was invited to do a one-to-one TV interview on the topic of Reinventing Yourself. I’m happy to share, and my hope is that it gives you the inspiration, insights and encouragement you need, as you embrace the new year, set new goals and achieve your heart’s desire! …Perhaps a new career, your first or 5th book, a healthier you, stronger relationships … ? Why not?!

Is Life Getting in the Way of Your Creativity?

I’m extra excited about the content of this blog and next week’s, since I believe these are some of the real secrets to helping people move into action and manifest their dreams – whether creating the content for your first book and/or next, developing a new product, program or service … or making changes to have a healthier, happier relationship! We all have things that we aspire to creating; however, life can get in the way.

Write a New Story

If this is something you’ve always wanted to do, the great thing is that it is quite attainable these days. But how and where do you to start? Here are some tips: 1) If you haven’t begun writing yet, try creating your preface first, outlining the intention of your message. Also, chunk your tasks into bite-size pieces, considering chapter titles and content, and build from there. 2) Know what your goals are for your book and 3) Hire a good editor, someone that ‘gets you and your message’.