bigstock-Monarch-Life-Stages-2210004 During the holiday season I thought it might be ideal to personalize my message a little more.  This is the time when most people do some reflecting on the year that is coming to a close, and planning for the one ahead. Perhaps you would like to re-invent yourself in 2012?

Maybe you’re thinking about the past choices you’ve made, and the changes you’d like to incorporate in the coming weeks and months; or what new things you want to learn, explore or accomplish. Not so long ago, I was invited to do a one-to-one TV interview on the topic of Reinventing Yourself. I’m happy to share, and my hope is that it gives you the inspiration, insights and encouragement you need, as you embrace the new year, set new goals and achieve your heart’s desire! …Perhaps a new career, your first or 5th book, a healthier you, stronger relationships … ? Why not?!

You’ll notice that the interview is divided into four segments … Please enjoy at your leisure! ‘& Although the show is called ‘Woman To Woman’, gentlemen, I’m sure you’ll find the content helpful and refreshing as well!

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Video 1Reinvention is an act, not a destination…Life and change are easier when you work on yourself and embrace change. Become a better self-manager and get clear on what you do and don’t want in life. Learn to recognize the choices that you have and focus on re-framing your inner dialogue.
Video 2

It’s hard until you decide it’s not…Stretching your comfort zone, addressing that negative self-talk and having a strong support system in place are keys to success. Learn to embrace who you are, and stay on a path of self-development.
Video 3

Make an appointment with yourself…Keeping a wellness journal, and scheduling yourself in. Recognizing it’s not about being perfect, but becoming your best self. Owning your own circumstances and not blaming or passing the buck. Getting honest with yourself about what you truly want.  We all have a story.
Video 4

Get out of your own head…Circumstances that stretch you happen for a reason. Start doing what you’ve been blessed and gifted to do.  Honour yourself. Be courageous.

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