20625840_sWelcome back. In between summer holidays, regular work and my own writing, I have more great messages on tap for you over the next couple of months. Today’s blog asks the question, “Would you put that in writing?”  In this age of technology and 24/7 conversation over a multitude of social media platforms and devices, it couldn’t be more important to think about.

Whether you are communicating with friends and acquaintances, business colleagues, or penning your next book, I’m sure you will find this super food-for-thought.

My wonderful colleague and senior partner at NLP Canada Training Inc, Linda Ferguson PhD, has graciously accepted my invitation to share some of her ideas on the subject (which I echo completely). In turn, I am looking forward to contributing to her upcoming e-newsletter as well. ‘A great way to lighten both our workloads given our busy schedules, and change things up for our readers as well – hope you enjoy!

“What does it really mean to put something in writing? Whether you are dashing off an email or putting together a detailed proposal, you are making a commitment by writing. What you write will have staying power: it will endure through time and space in ways that are sometimes difficult to imagine.

Think first about what you are willing to be accountable for – whoever reads it, whenever it is read. Any document (hard copy or electronic) can travel anywhere once it leaves your hands (or your hard drive)…

Think secondly about the “you” that you are putting into your writing. When you put something in writing, you create a written representation of who you are, what you are like, and what you do. Everything you write is public relations copy for brand “you”.

Are you just like everyone else doing your job or do you have qualities that make you different, interesting or exceptionally competent? … You will want your writing to reflect the individual style you bring to all your other work.

This means that you will sometimes follow conventional rules, and sometimes you will introduce a twist on convention that allows you to be yourself in writing. You will use phrases that you use in conversation: when writing for business, you will be the self you are in business. Your style is already customized to different contexts. Writing is another context in which you want to present brand you.

The third thing that you do by putting it in writing is to … make a personal statement. If you send an email from your company email account, then you are writing on behalf of your company … The same thing is true when you use your title or write on company letterhead.

Putting it in writing presents brand you in a format that moves through time and space and tells people that you are willing to be accountable for what you have written and, potentially, who else is also accountable for what you have written. It is powerful and affirmative action…”

It sure is…

Among other things, what Linda and I have in common is a passion for the written word, meaningful communication, connecting … and helping others.  Please don’t hesitate to contact either of us for added support in your personal or professional journey.

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