bigstock-Middleaged-happy-woman-with-jo-44837530Welcome back!  For those creative souls out there, let’s delve a little deeper into Writing A New Story literally-speaking … and explore some tangible ways for you to take your book ideas and concepts and turn them into reality!

Whether writing about your life experiences or business acumen, it’s good to have a theme of course (often one main theme, and several sub-themes likely divided into Parts or Chapters or both).

I also recommend reflecting on your writing / creating style.  For example, some writers need to pour everything they know onto the page – then sift out the key messages to leave in (or take out and consider for another project).

There’s no right or wrong way to create.  Others find the previous example a little overwhelming and prefer to think in chapters or segments (smaller themes or ideas).  This offers them the framework that they can build on in smaller, bite-size pieces.

What’s most important is that you select a process that is helpful to ‘you’, productive and as enjoyable as possible.  Yes, I tend to be a bit of idealist.  That said, I’ve had a lot of practice and successful experience finding the joy in the journeyalthough some days better wording would be ‘creating the joy’! 

  • When it comes to the amount of time to devote to see your literary project(s) to fruition, there are several factors to consider.  Some are obvious, like your existing time, family and work commitments.  Then there is your own creative style again.
  • With respect to your current schedule, if you are going to make it work, you need to make room in your life to write – just like you would a hobby, sport or course!  Very few writers can steal away for weeks or months at a time to create their masterpiece / best seller!  So what is Plan B?
  • If you are in the beginning stages of creating (or developing your craft), then you might find it best to set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day.  That said, if you are like most of us who have a passion and gift of writing, you’ll soon find that committing to a half day or full day / weekend on a regular basis, will allow you to open the creative floodgates fully!

Next, is that you have to set some time-lines for yourself, as to when you want to complete the pre-final manuscript.  And what goals and aspirations do you have for your book?  Let’s talk about this more in my next blogs.

  • It is also good to have an Editor, Publisher, Coach and/or Industry Expert (if a business project) provide you with some initial feedback, to ensure you’re ready to take the next steps.  A fresh pair of eyes is a gift to the best of writers – and will help you see anything you might have overlooked – and otherwise simply give you the added boost of confidence you need / deserve!

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