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The Power of Personal Influence

Every moment of your life you are changing, to a degree, the life of the whole world. Every man and woman has an ‘atmosphere’ which is affecting others. So silently and invisibly does this atmosphere work, we may forget at times it exists. Yet all the great forces of nature—light, heat, electricity, gravitation—are silent and invisible. In all nature, the wonders of the ‘seen’ are dwarfed to insignificance when compared to the majesty and glory of the ‘unseen.’

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I C Publishing Presents Composer Cameron Austin

Empress and the Prairie Girl is a thoughtful little story perfect for our time. Not only does it eloquently address a universal experience most parents endure at some point, it also includes the underlying emotion that accompanies it . . . that of our children growing up far too quickly before our eyes. Author and composer, Cameron Austin, has created a beautiful relationship between Empress and the Prairie Girl, and with each turn of a page invites us to travel along their path in life with great sensitivity.

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Beyond GREAT SERVICE Planning Guide

By Jim Baston – A comprehensive workbook designed for business owners and managers who would like to actively engage their field service teams . . .

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Empress and the Prairie Girl

By Cameron Austin – This story song beautifully reflects the author’s wishes for his young daughter—that she would not grow up too quickly and lose the dreams of her childhood.

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