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Interview with Publisher, Author, and Mentor, Sheri Andrunyk

Check out the full and lively podcast interview I had on Aha Moments for Success with Anita Heidema. One listener said it was just like sitting with their friends around the kitchen table, she loved it. Perhaps it will serve as a positive refresher of what you already know. At the same time, there may be a story or experience we share that will give you a new perspective on something you’ve never considered before. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

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I C Publishing Presents New Children’s Book Author, Ole Madsen

The Adventures of Gilda is a beautiful and magical story; a traditional tale in many ways, yet sprinkled throughout are intriguing twists and turns that we can relate to in today’s world. Quite interestingly and creatively, it incorporates some of life’s important lessons and choices such as leaving home for a big opportunity, taking care of nature, and consequences of being mean.

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Hearts Linked by Courage

The Hearts Linked by Courage Series supports the important work of the not-for-profit sector in their ongoing efforts to inform our communities about each worthy cause, their good news stories, and their challenges

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Wellness Retreat | October 14-15, 2017

An empowering wellness event that will engage delegates with amazing speakers, sharing inspirational stories, provide education and support, while leaving plenty of time for socializing, entertainment and relaxation.

Watch: About the retreat with Sheri Andrunyk

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In The Trenches

In the Trenches – The Daily Grind . . .

By Dr. Jason Profetto – Jason doesn’t hesitate to dive into areas of medicine that few comfortably talk about and explore, including challenging patient interactions and the difficulties and abuse in medical school and residency, leaving readers a sense of what it’s really like. . .

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New Releases

Patterson Village

The Archaeology of Patterson Village

By William (Bill) Finlayson – Bill and his company, This Land Archaeology Inc., have undertaken the salvage excavation of more than 60 19th century homesteads/ farmsteads, Patterson Village being the largest excavation of a 19th century Euro-Canadian site in Ontario.
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“Sheri, thank you so much for all of your hard work and guidance…You are a true gift and I am forever grateful.”

Jenn Pike

I C Publishing Author, The Simplicity Project

“Sheri, Kim and the I C Publishing Team – you are thorough, well informed, and encouraging.”

Kathleen Redmond

I C Publishing Author, Building A Character Culture