chess piecesWhen I was thinking about what to share this week, I found myself wondering why I hadn’t written about this topic much sooner than now – especially since I feel so passionate about it.  Sure, there are many tangible ways to promote and market yourself, in general; whether it be a book or other product or service you want to get out to the masses.  However, you can also get lost in the details and comparing yourself to others, if you don’t have a clear vision of what your message is and how ‘you’ want to communicate it.  And so, in this blog post, I will share some Meaningful Marketing strategies and my Top Recommendations to help you enjoy the process more and reach your goals!

1.    Stay true to yourself and your message.  How do you do this?  It’s relatively simple.  Know why you are writing (or have written) your book – and know how you want the reader to benefit from your story or teachings.

2.    Be yourself – your best self – no one can do ‘you’ better than you.  Comparing yourself to others is only useful if you admire that person, and you want to learn from and emulate them.

3.   Handpick your inner circle, i.e. those that provide personal and professional support that compliments your vision and philosophies.  This is not about selecting just those that will agree with you and your ideas, it’s simply about aligning yourself with others that ‘get you’ and are willing to communicate clearly and constructively, as needed.

4.    Be flexible, creative, organized and open to ideas and options that will enhance your work, and reach your intended audience.

5.    Know your budget and resources; to help you prioritize what to do first and what might need to wait.

6.    Know your goals, including the kind of revenue stream you would like from your book sales (and ensure that it is consistent with what you are willing to do to support and accomplish those goals).

7.    Discern what Social Media makes the most sense for you to use in telling your story.  Again, think about your audience.  For example, you could consider blogging about the message(s) you share in your book.  This can build rapport and curiosity quickly, as long as you are blogging correctly and to the right audienceBe mindful of your time as well, and don’t try and do ‘everything’ all at once.

8.    Be well prepared when opportunities for TV interviews and/or keynotes arise.  Depending on the time you have, think of 2 or 3 main objectives you want to stay focused on.

9.    Tangible marketing items can range from book marks and post cards to 2’ to 6’ displays for events.

10.  Book or Message Marketing through photography and videography.  Technology and ways to connect and communicate continue to evolve, so must we!  Imagine creating a 1 ½ minute professional video … I’ve invited our Videographer to guest blog about the ‘behind the scenes’ and power of video!  Stay tuned.

Although most of my blogs currently speak to one’s writing and book publishing journey, I want to emphasize that many of the insights and tips I share can easily be applied to other areas of business.

In closing, I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface in many ways.  That said, I encourage you to remain open to all learning and opportunities; yet trust your instincts and what feels right for you!  Recognize your strengths and areas of specialty – and know when to call on others whose expertise will add to yours and help make your dreams a reality!

I’d love your feedback. Here on this blog, you’ll get commentluv. What a wonderful opportunity to leave a link back to your own blog.

Warmest regards,