Christy Solves a Mystery is a truly meaningful story that needs to be told. It’s perfect for primary readers; chock full of extra activities including letter recognition and practice activities. Pre-schoolers will love the beautiful illustrations by artist, Jenna Stewart; and it’s thoughtfully written to help all children realize their role and relationship with the environment at a very early age.

The author’s fondness for animals of all kinds, and her concern for the environment, started at a very young age. This keen awareness matured and continued throughout her formal education, culminating with an Honours BSc in Ecology and Environmental Science from the University of Toronto, Canada. It’s not surprising that Annabella can be found pursuing her deep desire to make a difference by volunteering to work with wildlife, travelling the world to see a vast variety of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat, and then giving them a voice by sharing her delightful stories with us.

Some insights from author, Annabella Stoyke:

What inspired you to write this book?

Since childhood, I have always enjoyed creative writing. During my tenure at Post Secondary, my English teacher gave us an assignment to write a children’s story. I read a few and was inspired by one in particular. The format of writing was such that components of the story were hidden in the pictures. I thought how interesting it was to incorporate different tasks and ways to educate children. So I wrote one in a similar format that was fantasy-based and earned the recognition from my teacher to achieve top marks and her assistance to attempt to get published. My dream of getting published never wavered. In 2014 I began the journey again, writing the second book in a similar format. This time I wanted to incorporate another passion of mine: animals and the environment. I thought it would be unique to teach children about wildlife and the environment while, at the same time, help them learn their ABCs and 123s. This topic also felt very timely to write about, as climate change is a prevalent topic of current events and at the forefront of global concerns.

What do you want others to gain from your book?

I want to help children and adults gain a new respect and appreciation for animals and their environment and, as well, offer children a fun way to learn their ABCs and 123s.

What was your creative process for this project and what story-telling format did you choose?

My creative process started with a vision. I had a vision on the format and I just needed to write the story to fit the format. I conducted research for each animal and flora mentioned in the story. I wanted it to be realistic and not too fictional in style. I wrote a little every day—and I never stopped writing if the “creative” momentum was flowing forward smoothly and quickly. I kept a journal by my bed and by my side at all times, as ideas and content pertaining to the story came to me at all hours of the day and night.

What’s next for you as an author?

Along with marketing and promoting this first book, I want to begin researching my next book. I hope to start writing the second book in 2016.

Final Thoughts:

Christy Solves a Mystery is the first in the ABC Adventure Series by Annabella Stoyke, and is a brilliant beginning of what’s sure to be an entire collection full of compassion, mindfulness, and essential education for the times. Each and every story will be one we’ll want to pass on to future generations.

This book serves parents and teachers alike, not only as a wonderful introductory tool to share with their children and students, but also as a gentle reminder of their part in the solution to a healthier world.

As she shares above, Annabella has been committed to the vision she has for Christy Solves a Mystery and the ABC Adventure Series for many years, and we’re honoured to partner with her to bring this excellent work to life.

It is now available to order here.

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