Hiring a writing coach can move you from stuck to unstuck, breathe life into a great concept, and move you forward when you are ready; check out these 4 great reasons to hire a writing coach, and see if it’s time to ask for the support you need.

1. You have an idea or concept for a book that is not committed to paper or computer yet, and would value having some creative direction.

2. You find yourself writing and rewriting and need some guidance on how best to organize your thoughts and your work more efficiently.

3. You’re almost there and you simply need a sounding board for some final touches.

4. Keep in mind when you are writing about personal experiences, especially challenging or difficult ones that you might still be processing or healing from, it will affect your writing. This is not a bad thing; in fact writing/journaling is often very cathartic for us. It is just good to have this awareness, so you don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. With the latter, you also might find a life coach or therapist helpful to consult.

Having someone to guide you through the production, publishing, and marketing process is also very useful of course—as there are very specific things to take into consideration, including your budget, your goals, and definitely the genre of your book and potential audience.

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