As the song goes, the magic is in you, especially when you focus on building your writing and goal-reaching muscles with consistent practice and study. It’s like our approach to eating healthy and working-out regularly, educating ourselves, engaging with like-minded, supportive individuals, and focusing on all the positive aspects of the journey as well as the outcomes we’re aiming for.

You’ve heard it said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Have you set some new goals for yourself this year?

Have you taken the time to reflect on your past patterns of success? When you do, you’ll have a good part of the answer as to what it will take to be successful at something again. What was your thought process? How did you handle the snags in the road? Who did you reach out to for direction and expertise in areas you weren’t as experienced or knowledgeable in?

If you’ve been working on writing a book for a while or one is in the cards for you this year, our new Blue Pencil Review might be for you.

What is an I C Publishing Blue Pencil Review? It’s a high-level mini-evaluation of your writing, an excerpt of up to ten pages including:

  • Table of Contents, including working title and subtitle
  • Message to the Reader, Preface, and/or Introduction
  • Well-rounded chapter or two that provides a good representation of your writing and your manuscript

We typically work with completed manuscripts when we do this type of review, however, we realize that occasionally a gentle nudge, a word of encouragement, or helpful critique can spur us all on to do great things that we might not otherwise have the confidence to do.

An I C Publishing Blue Pencil Review can guide you on how best to further polish and/or simply finish your manuscript if you haven’t already, or simply help you get unstuck. It can provide you with quality questions to help flesh out a good concept to make it better or provide you with marketing strategies to further complement your literary aspirations.

The details of our I C Publishing Blue Pencil Review are outlined below. Should you have a finished script and would like to consider a more in-depth assessment, you can also read about our Full Manuscript Evaluation and Review here.

  • Provide the above content on or before February 15, 2019 in up to ten pages in a Word doc, 1.5 spacing, Calibri font 12
  • Only the following will be excepted for this Blue Pencil session: non-fiction, creative non-fiction, self-help, spiritual, health and wellness, personal triumph stories, spiritual, history, anthologies, children’s stories
  • Fill in this form
    • Once you press submit you will be given the opportunity to attach your Blue Pencil submission in the form of one document in Word.
  • Once accepted, an invoice for the special price of $95 plus HST will be sent to you, which you can pre-pay by email transfer to I C Publishing or by PayPal via our online bookstore shopping cart here. 
  • Submissions will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and feedback will be provided by email (in a PDF doc) back to the author on or before March 31

If just a little life, work, or writing inspiration is what you could use at the moment, be sure to look us up on social media and join in the conversation. Or browse our blog page for tips, strategies, and great examples of published authors sharing their magic.

Here’s to a year filled with vibrant health, joy-filled memories, and meaningful success.

Warmest regards,

Sheri Andrunyk

Publisher, Writer, Author, Mentor

*We respectfully reserve the right to close the submission window early due to volume of submissions and/or decline submissions if they do not align with our mandate.

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