Partnering with Dr. Laura von Hagen on this journey to publishing her first book, My PCOS Pregnancy, has been inspiring. She draws you in at the first chapter, The Loneliest Club I Never Asked to Join, sharing her own path to pregnancy, and helping us appreciate the difficult challenges of infertility due to polycystic ovarian syndrome. Then she proceeds to educate us about PCOS, and present solid research, professional insights, and positive options women can consider should they be dealing with PCOS themselves.

I love when medical experts in conventional and alternative medicine choose to educate and encourage via their respective roles and platforms. The right knowledge delivered in a respectful and compassionate way can guide us to making tremendously important decisions in taking better care of ourselves and achieving our goals for vibrant health, family planning, and much more.

If you’re aspiring to be a published author, regardless of genre, you’ll be encouraged by Laura’s path to accomplishing this almost unexpectedly. On a more personal note, if you have PCOS or know of someone who does, I believe you’ll find a ray of hope in what Laura shares in the following short written interview and in her new book, My PCOS Pregnancy – Your Guide to Getting and Staying Pregnant with PCOS.

What inspired you to write this book? When our first IVF cycle in April 2020 was cancelled, I was beyond frustrated and angry. All that hope of ever having a baby was taken away in an instant. In the past, I’ve found writing very therapeutic to help me cope during difficult times. My initial thought was to write a blog post, but that quickly spiralled into a full book! I had always dreamed of writing a book and the lockdown gave me a chance to step back from my practice and focus my energy elsewhere.

What do you want others to gain from your book? I want others who are struggling with infertility and PCOS to feel inspired. I want them to read my book and feel hopeful, to hang onto that what if and believe they are capable of getting pregnant and carrying to term. I experienced so much doubt and shame during my infertility, and I want others to know that they are not alone.

What was your creative process for this project? I would say it was forced creativity. When Toronto when into a full lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were stuck at home 24-7 trying to fill our schedule with projects around the house. This book gave me something to look forward to every day and a reason to get out of bed.

Why did you choose the story-telling format you used? It was very important to me that my personal story was included in the book. I wanted to really connect with my readers and help them see the light at the end of their fertility journey. As much as I’m open about the terrible sadness and pain I experience, I also wanted there to be some humour in the book. There is nothing sexy about making a test-tube baby and my husband and I had a lot of laughs along the way. I think it is important to try and find the good in every situation, as difficult as this sounds. I’m grateful for my experience because I know it will help so many other women with PCOS who are faced with infertility and don’t know where to turn.

What’s next for you as an author? I love cooking and baking and have always wanted to create a cookbook! My problem is that I never measure ingredients, so it might be a challenge for me to actually sit down and do this properly. If that doesn’t happen, other passion projects include either a podcast or a second book on unexplained infertility.

I’m thrilled to conclude that completing the production phase of Laura’s first book in perfect timing with the birth of her beautiful baby boy made this publication extra special. We are so happy for you and your family, Laura, and we wish you continued and abundant joy and success.

My PCOS Pregnancy is available now. You can learn more here in the I C Bookstore. The digital version is for instant purchase and download, and the paperback will be in stock and shipping by early July. Feel free to order early and reserve one of the first copies for yourself or someone you know you’d love to gift it to.

Thank you for your continued interest in our work and that of our clients as well. I look forward to sharing more about our newest 2021 projects soon including a fun and fab family cookbook, another volume in the Hearts Linked by Courage series, and yet another popular book in Our Lands Speak series by founder and senior-most archaeologist in Ontario, Bill Finlayson, Ph.D., and his colleague and architectural historian, George Duncan!

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