Creative Process – Process & Purpose by new author, Adele Spraggon (Part Two)

In the last blog post I introduced a brand new author Adele Spraggon. As promised, here is Part Two of my interview with our new author, Adele Spraggon, talking about what her creative process was for Shaped Within: Reshaping Weight Loss. I couldn’t have said it better—this really speaks to those of us who consider ourselves holistic entrepreneurs or practitioners.

Timing, Book Signings & Virtual Book Tours

Depending on the genre of your book, you might have a broader audience to market to. For instance, health and wellness books are very popular right now. However, if you have a high level business book that caters to the entrepreneurial or corporate market, then the dynamics of your audience will be very different and likely smaller in relation to topics that speak to more of the general public.

Top 10 Tips to Working / Writing From Home & Making It Work

Well, as I near the completion of my next book, Working From Home & Making It Work, I’m putting my own words to the test. You’ll notice in most of my blogs I often relate one’s writing journey to that of an entrepreneur’s – especially since many of the qualities you need to “develop” to be successful at both are quite similar. I’ve studied and learned a lot over my 27 years as an entrepreneur, including what works and what doesn’t. Here are my top 10 tips: