IC Publishing Introduces Jenn Pike, Local Author

My intention with The Simplicity Project is to inspire people by making a few simple shifts at a time. I want to encourage people to truly sit back and ask themselves, “how do I want to feel”, and to make being vital and vibrant their goal more so then looking a certain way. When you nourish your body through good food, exercise, and a healthy mindset, I can promise you the body you are craving will follow.

I also want to teach people what mainstream nutrition and healthy living information is not. I want consumers to know what they are buying and using, and how those products can and will affect both in a positive and negative way.

Process & Purpose by New Author, Adele Spraggon (Part 1 of 2)

Adele’s years of research, invaluable personal experience, and asking the right questions, have given virtual bloom to a timely technique, blending eastern wisdom with a western approach. Although this book focuses on weight loss, the amazing philosophy behind its approach will draw you in as you discover how it can be applied to so many areas of your life. It will definitely make believers of the skeptics . . . finally.