Would You Put That in Writing?

Today’s blog asks the question, “Would you put that in writing?” In this age of technology and 24/7 conversation over a multitude of social media platforms and devices, it couldn’t be more important to think about.

Whether you are communicating with friends and acquaintances, business colleagues, or penning your next book, I’m sure you will find this super food-for-thought.

Time to Reinvent Yourself in 2012?

Maybe you’re thinking about the past choices you’ve made, and the changes you’d like to incorporate in the coming weeks and months; or what new things you want to learn, explore or achieve. Not so long ago, I was invited to do a one-to-one TV interview on the topic of Reinventing Yourself. I’m happy to share, and my hope is that it gives you the inspiration, insights and encouragement you need, as you embrace the new year, set new goals and achieve your heart’s desire! …Perhaps a new career, your first or 5th book, a healthier you, stronger relationships … ? Why not?!

5 Reasons to Have Professional Photography for Your Book Publishing

1. “You only get one chance to make that first impression.” Especially true of your business portrait or “headshot”. A headshot created by a professional photographer should represent you the way you want clients to see you whether that’s confident, funny, poignant or got-it-going-on! The headshot on your book cover should attract people to your book rather than have them thinking, “ouch, looks like that’s a self-portrait” or “too bad about the shadow”. You’ve gone to all this effort to have your literary work-of-art published… go the last mile and have the headshot that will grace its cover done right.

8 Essential Factors – From Final Manuscript to Published Book

You have a close-to-final manuscript, now what? I remember that feeling when I wrote and compiled Hearts Linked by Courage! I had so many questions. This week I’m going to share with you some of what I learned, providing you with a few key steps to take you from your final manuscript to a published book to help enlighten the publishing or self-publishing path.